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FR_MATT 23-02-2011 00:19

Fitting Cupra wishbone bushes guide
This guide is from briskoda so all thanks to them. I just wanted to print it off with pictures so I changed all the urls to img codes and I thought others would appreciate it. If this is not allowed I apologise and understand if you delete it

Parts required:

1 Set Powerflex bushes - Part No PFF85-601

2No Seat Cupra Console bushes - Part No 6LL407183

1 Tube VW Special lube for fitting Console bush - Part No G 294 421 A1

6No Bolts for Balljoints - Part No N10127707 (VW Part No)

2No Bolts for Front Wishbone Bush - Part No N10141801 (VW Part No)

Note:- The bolts were purchased from a local VW dealership as none were in stock at any local Skoda dealers.

Tools required:

Tool to fit Cupra bushes into Consoles (See below for Details)

Jack and Axle stands

A strong socket set

A senior hacksaw


Large screwdiver

Torque Wrench

Ratchet strap

Making your Bush fitting tool:

This consists of an M12 x 150 long high tensile set screw, 2No M12 washers and 2No M12 nuts. These are readily available from your local hardware shop or Fixings supplier.

You will also need to get a friendly local engineering shop to make the large spacers for you. I managed to get all 4 spacers made in return for a 20 bottle crate of Stella.

The spacers are 8mm thick with a 12.5mm dia hole in the centre. You will need 2No @ 61mm dia and 2No @ 71mm dia.


Jack up the car and support it on the sill jacking points with axle stands.

Remove wheels and engine splash guard.

Remove the 13mm nuts on the lower ball joint.

Pull the hub outwards and slide the lower balljoint out of the wishbone.

Remove the 18mm bolt from the front of the wishbone

Slide the wishbone out of its front mounting.

Remove the wishbone from the rear console bush. This is best done by rotating the wishbone to the 6 o'clock position a few times while maintaining forward pressure.

A view of the old console bush.

To remove the old console bush I found it quickest to cut partially through the outer nylon casing with a hacksaw blade threaded through a void in the bush. When the casing is partially cut you can tap a blunt screwdriver between it and the console and the nylon will split. Tap the bush out from the rear.

Clean the inside of the console with WD40 and a Scotchbrite pad.

To Remove the front wishbone bush from the wishbone you will first need to cut off the rubber flange from the rear side of the bush with either a hacksaw or knife.

FR_MATT 23-02-2011 00:22

Fit a large socket over the remaining flange and a smaller socket on the cut side of the bush and using your M12 set screw, pull the bush out of the wishbone and into the socket.

Bush removed.

Fit the Powerflex bushes into the wishbone as described in their instructions.

Fitting the Cupra bush into the Console.
The bush should be fitted with the flush side towards the back of the car and with the hexagon hole flat at the top and bottom. (See the fitted pic)
Lubricate the console and the bush with the special lube, place correctly aligned, into the console and tap it gently with a mallet to start the fitting.
Put a large spacer at the rear of the console and a small spacer at the front of the bush. Thread the M12 Set screw through the spacer, bush, console and spacer and fit the M12 nut at the rear. Make sure there is plenty of oil on the thread.
Start to tighten the nut and check the bush is still aligned with the console.
Carefully tighten the nut and bolt until the bush is pulled through the console and is flush at the rear.

New Cupra bush fitted.

Refitting the Wishbone:
Lubricate the hole in the Console bush and the hexagonal spigot on the wisbone with copious amounts of the special lube.
Place the wishbone into the bush and start the fitting with a few taps of the mallet.
Place the ratchet strap around the rear of the console housing and round the Powerflex bush at the front of the wishbone.
Ratchet the strap to pull the wishbone into the console bush. It will be difficult and a few more taps with the mallet may help the process. The wishbone is correctly fitted when 3-4mm of the spigot protrudes at the rear of the console bush.

Hinge the front bush into its correct position, as shown in the pic above, and fit
a new 18mm bolt. Torque to 70Nm and tighten a further 90 degrees

Refit the lower balljoint back into the wishbone and fit new 13mm bolts. Torque to 20Nm and tighten a further 90 degrees

Refit the splashguard and wheels and lower the car to the ground.

Get the tracking checked as soon as possible.

As I didn't even create the guide I'm in no way responsible if you have a go and mess up!

FR_MATT 23-02-2011 00:23

Does anyone understand the need for 4 spacers in the bush fitting tool?

canis_lupis 23-02-2011 06:46

To spread the load maybe?

martin150 23-02-2011 16:35


Originally Posted by canis_lupis (Post 3365394)
To spread the load maybe?

As above plus the one spacer holds firm on the bush while the other rotates when tightening the bolt making it easier to turn.

I've done this job both as per guide and by dropping the subframe and its a lot easier dropping the subframe as the wishbones can be a right pig to get back in with the strap especially if you replace them with non genuine seat ones.

FR_MATT 28-02-2011 12:33

I got one side done at the weekend, the smaller spacer is used to get the bush into the console fully so it is flush at the rear, as the cupra bush doesn't have flanged ends like the standard ones. I had to use the new bush I had for the other side to press it in the extra 5-8mm it needed past the front face.

The biggest problem I had apart from my spacers being a little big, was removing the wishbone from the old bush, how did anyone find was best to do it?

(I ended up in a seated row position at the front of the car with my feet bracing against the subframe pulling a rope attached to the wishbone while my mate twisted it.)

Wilson9 07-03-2011 00:34

This is a great guide.

The trouble i have had though is removing the wishbone from the rear bush, it was solid and took over 2 hours and loads of WD40 to remove, i have the other side to do tomorrow. As the wishbone is under 3 months on the other side it should hopefully be easier.

I have upgraded to Powerflex bushes and will hopefully notice a difference.

Tip, get someone to help if possible as its a nightmare trying to position a ratchet strap and hold the wishbone in place.

5 hours isnt too bad for one side lol

If replacing with poly bushes grease everything with copper grease or similar that wont degrade rubber to stop any unwanted squeaking.

Wilson9 07-03-2011 00:37


Originally Posted by FR_MATT (Post 3373067)
The biggest problem I had apart from my spacers being a little big, was removing the wishbone from the old bush, how did anyone find was best to do it?

(I ended up in a seated row position at the front of the car with my feet bracing against the subframe pulling a rope attached to the wishbone while my mate twisted it.)

With a lot of difficulty, prising at it with screw drivers, hacksaw blades cutting, ripping the middle out the old bush, swearing :wtf: , roping in neighbours :rolleyes: eventually came out.

FR_MATT 07-03-2011 01:00

I did the other side yesterday it was a breeze in comparison. Got the car on the next height up on the axle stands so that I could twist the wishbone from its normal position (say 3 o clock) to almost 8. Must have come out in about 5 mins! compared to over an hour the week before and we did nother else differently :)

Rachet strap was a bit more of a pain had to get mole grips onto it to the handle to give more leverage but worked well once I did that.

I used the official assembly stuff mentioned in the guide and then some silicone grease/compound in between the wishbone and the bush.

Probably took around 2 - 2.5 hours compared to 5+ the week before

eugenebd 02-04-2011 14:38

i just used a drill and drilled the side out of the old bush then it just taps out with very little effort!

oldtime fitter 15-05-2011 19:50

one thing i don't understand, you are torquing up these rubber bushes with the vehicle jacked up or on axle stands, i have fitted many wishbone bushes and have never done the final tightening till the weight of the vehicle is on the wishbone, if it is jacked up i would have thought that when you lower it the bush is becomes stressed and that will shorten it life, tightening with the weight on means the bush is only stressed when the car is on the move

FR_MATT 16-05-2011 20:03

I don't see how there is a different torque applied to the bush whether it is on axle stands or not as it just sits around the end of the wishbone. M18 bolt doesn't change the position of it.

I don't know how you could load the bush without bolting the wishbone in position

oldtime fitter 24-05-2011 20:02

Hi Fr,
You are right, i thought the end of the wishbone had a nut on it clamping the bush uptight. could you tell me what sort of length of life the front bush has? my daughters car is due to have powerflex bushes fitted on friday, the originals have lasted approx 63000 miles is that good or just average? Am i wrong in thinking it would be good practise to renew all four bushes while the wishbones are off

FR_MATT 25-05-2011 13:40

Mine had play in them at 40k then by 50ish had appeared to collapsed. The rubber may have degraded as my car had been sat for a month or so before I bought it, although it's not uncommon for them to need replacing at that mileage/age

Powerflex do an insert into the voided console bushes but this is a less cost effective way as you would have to purchase the standard bushes aswell. They inserts also present a possible problem that they can get dislodged.

I didn't replace the front bush as it seemed to be in decent enough condition, only the console bushes.

You don't mention which powerflex bushes she is having but if you are getting the car aligned after then it may be worth changing them now.

I was quoted about 1.5 hours a side labourwise from garages for the console bushes

oldtime fitter 26-05-2011 08:41

thanks for the info,will check this morning which bushes they are fitting although Powerflex have dicontinued the inserts according to their website but will check not old stock

oldtime fitter 26-05-2011 10:15

2x 602 Powerflex bushes to be fitted plus rear exhaust box plus tracking =225 not bad,what do you think?

FR_MATT 26-05-2011 13:50

Doesn't sound bad as those bushes are twice the price of the cupra ones on their own!

Rayner1990 03-06-2011 18:14

Has anyone fiitted the bushes without using the tool shown??

Blanco92 04-06-2011 01:25


Originally Posted by Rayner1990 (Post 3511821)
Has anyone fiitted the bushes without using the tool shown??

I used a different "tool". Though you could use a vice to press the new bushes in, just depends if you've access to a vice.

pi3141592 29-12-2011 01:51


Thanks FR_MATT for the great guide!

I have just finished changed the bushes on my Polo 9N, it has the exact same parts as your guide so if anyone is doing a change on a polo following RF_MATTs guide and you should be fine.

The only difference for me was that I burnt/melted the old bushes out using a blow-torch. I fitted powerflex bushes throughout so did not need to make up a fitting tool.

The ratchet straps are a must when fitting the wishbone back, unless you have arms like superman. Even when fitting powerflex bushes on the rear of the wishbones.
Thanks again for the great guide.

When removing the 18mm bolt on one side it came out very loosely as if it was not tight. When I put in the new bolt at the finish, it would catch the thread and screw in. But tightening the final part it would just spin. I suspect the thread is damaged in the console arm (PN: 6Q0199293D). I am thinking of putting in a longer bolt. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the thread in the console arm is? Does it go all the way through, past 100mm? See the yellow part highlighted in the picture:


I believe I have always been driving around with this dodgy bolt, whatever cowboy previously changed the bushes obviously damaged the bolt/console. :(

Besides putting a longer bolt in I would have to replace the console. I have heard this should only be done if you have the correct alignment tools to put it back in. Is this true?

Thanks for you help.

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