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Hello fellow Cupra enthusiasts and welcome to 2018. I must admit I don't like this time of year - the roads are slithery, the sun is ridiculously low and you can't see for all the shit on the windscreen. Nevertheless, a year on and I still love getting in this car. Servicing was by Holders of Congresbury (N. Somerset) who did a competant job and are recommended by Syphon. They pointed out the NSF tyre was down to 2.5mm a whole 1mm less than the OSF so maybe I am going too fast round left-hand bends? What would I change? I would have adaptive cruise control rather than the standard "dumb" system, and I would have more powerful headlights. Other than that what's not to like about a car that puts a smile on your face for so little money (relatively speaking, you understand) Think I'll hang on to this for a while and see what supercedes the 300!
Happy New Year
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