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Hello fellow Cupra enthusiasts and welcome to 2018. I must admit I don't like this time of year - the roads are slithery, the sun is ridiculously low and you can't see for all the shit on the windscreen. Nevertheless, a year on and I still love getting in this car. Servicing was by Holders of Congresbury (N. Somerset) who did a competant job and are recommended by Syphon. They pointed out the NSF tyre was down to 2.5mm a whole 1mm less than the OSF so maybe I am going too fast round left-hand bends? What would I change? I would have adaptive cruise control rather than the standard "dumb" system, and I would have more powerful headlights. Other than that what's not to like about a car that puts a smile on your face for so little money (relatively speaking, you understand) Think I'll hang on to this for a while and see what supercedes the 300!
Happy New Year
Hi, what cupra is it that you drive? I used to have adaptive cruise on my previous car and i like the dumb one much more. The idea behind acc is great in my opinion but the problem I had was driving behind someone making a 90 degree turn off a main road, the acc would brake very hard and start accelerating very slowly and not beeing very smooth. This is understandable since it just wants to keep the distance and doesn't know the situation. Kinda hard to explain but I highly recommend testing out the acc for a good long drive before spending money on it, my previous car (2014 Golf Gti) didn't have the option to turn it to a normal cruise, which i would've used. To put it short if you have acc your driving depends on the person driving in front of you, and thats not always great, at least here in Finland LOL.

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