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Thanks FR_MATT for the great guide!

I have just finished changed the bushes on my Polo 9N, it has the exact same parts as your guide so if anyone is doing a change on a polo following RF_MATTs guide and you should be fine.

The only difference for me was that I burnt/melted the old bushes out using a blow-torch. I fitted powerflex bushes throughout so did not need to make up a fitting tool.

The ratchet straps are a must when fitting the wishbone back, unless you have arms like superman. Even when fitting powerflex bushes on the rear of the wishbones.
Thanks again for the great guide.

When removing the 18mm bolt on one side it came out very loosely as if it was not tight. When I put in the new bolt at the finish, it would catch the thread and screw in. But tightening the final part it would just spin. I suspect the thread is damaged in the console arm (PN: 6Q0199293D). I am thinking of putting in a longer bolt. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the thread in the console arm is? Does it go all the way through, past 100mm? See the yellow part highlighted in the picture:


I believe I have always been driving around with this dodgy bolt, whatever cowboy previously changed the bushes obviously damaged the bolt/console.

Besides putting a longer bolt in I would have to replace the console. I have heard this should only be done if you have the correct alignment tools to put it back in. Is this true?

Thanks for you help.
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