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Leon stylance 1.9tdi

Hey, the names Ash and this is my baby. Ive owned her about a month now, i havnt done alot to her in terms of performance so far. I must say, diesel is amazing compared to petrol, i feel as if i never have to top up. I just came from a pants fiesta 1.2 lol. Anyways enjoy

Heres how she started out:
Fresh from the dealer with about 46k on the clock. Excuse the bloke lol.

What I've done:
  • Fitted my JOM coils (CHEAP)
  • Supercopa Kit Added (At Dealership)
  • Added 17" Fox Racing Wheels
  • Debadged
  • Tax Disc holder
  • Invested in a linear grill
  • Painted the calipers and grill
  • Stubby Aerial
  • Changed my plate
  • Climair Wind Deflector
  • Added 6000K HIDS
  • Added 6000K sidelights to match (Error free leds)
  • Replaced full beam with osram night breakers

Yet to be done:
  • Get wing mirrors sprayed gloss black
  • Tint the windows slightly more (The standard tint isnt very dark)
  • Get some 19" alloys
  • Get a splitter the front
  • Maybe tint the rear break lights
  • Complete revamp of the inside, new head unit etc

Any Suggestions Feel Free
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