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Originally Posted by ereeiz View Post
What are my options now? I'm after the cheapest option, don't mind getting a flip key if that's cheaper. I'd still like the lock/ unlock option though else I'd just get a manual one, I also don't know if a manual one would turn off the alarm? I tend to deadlock it everytime too so chances are I deadlocked it last time I locked the car- which is activated by the locking module as opposed to the lock isn't it?

I live in Worcester and am not in a rush, could wait a few days and get lifts although obviously the sooner the better. Thanks.
Nope, manual key doesn't deactivate the alarm. Couldn't find my key one morning going to work, so had to use the spare all week. From unlocking & opening you have about 5 seconds to get the key in the ignition and to position 2. I failed almost every time! The alarm re-armed when locking with the key too. When you say deadlock, how do you mean?
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