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How to post images on the forum using IMG tags .

It comes up time and time again, so hopefully this guide will aid people in their pursuit of displaying images on the forum.

First point doesn't allow attachments or hosting of images on the forum as a rule. We use the BB code functions of the forum and more precisely the IMG tags.

There is some limited image hosting built into your user profile area where you should be able to upload a maximum of 5 images if your a Full Member, a few more if your a Senior Member. Its something we have been running as a bit of a trial and it may be expanded at some point or not.

The recommended and most effective way of placing images on SCN is to use a free image hosting service such as. PHOTOBUCKET or FLICKR as examples. See those sites for instruction on uploading your images etc.


To post an image you need the url(link) of the image itself, we then use the forum BB code function IMG tags to link that url to your post. You can't physically drag and drop it into a post, you need to use the WYSIWYG forum tools ( I will explain more further down).

I will take you through the process of placing an image in a post step by step.

STEP ONE - Find your image.
Whether it be on your own image hosted in one of the above free hosting site pages or on another site you should be able to link the image to a post in the forum.

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind copyright. If you don't own an image and its on someone else website check to see if its royalty free or ask permission before linking it to the forum. Its better to host images on your own free hosting website rather than leeching it from other sources.

Ok you have an image displayed in your browser, much like the example below.

Now we can move on to Step Two.

STEP TWO - Getting the image location link address

In most modern browsers you should be able to RIGHT CLICK on the image and COPY IMAGE ADDRESS this is the location of the image. ie its direct URL or link. (see example below from within Safari - Mac).

Not sure if the same applies to Windows PC's, but on most modern browsers its an available option, so i wouldn't see why the same basic rule does not apply.

DO NOT use COPY IMAGE as this takes a copy of the image not its location on the web, remember we need the images URL location or link address, not the image itself.

Now we can move on to Step Three.

STEP THREE - Posting an image
Ok you have followed the first two steps, you have your chosen image and its location on the web.

Whether you start a new thread or reply to a post, you should have the WYSIWYG tools displayed on your browser. (What You See Is What You Get)

1. Select Insert Image from the tools.

2. Copy the link info into the URL box, make sure you include the whole address including http://

3. Your chosen image location should now have IMG tags applied to it within the message content. see example image.

You can repeat the process to insert more images in the same post. However you are limited to using 10 images per post this includes the use of smilies too.

STEP FOUR - Submit your post thread
Once you have inserted all your image code and any supplementary text content. You can click Preview Post to test you post/thread before submitting it.

If your links are correct you should have something like this.

Finally if everything works and your happy just click the Submit New Thread/Post button.

Thats it, I hope this guide helped you place images on

email: url:
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Cheers Flapper,

I've noticed on Internet Explorer it doesn't have this option, well not on IE8 at least.

I know many people don't venture outside of Internet Explorer (you should its crap) but for those that don't or can't I've done an amendment here that might help.

Right Click on the chosen image and select Properties

Once the properties box appears select the text (double click) in the Address (URL) section:

With the text selected right click then COPY

Then proceed as above from Step Three
email: url:
The occasional use of a Skoda Yeti SE 1.2TSI DSG

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Damn sorry Z, been using Firefox for so long i forgot about ie8, in fact deleted mine to plug the holes

Mozilla Firefox - right click + 'Copy Image Location'

Google Chrome - right click + 'Copy Image URL'

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