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turbo on its way out???

Good Morning,

I've had a Seat Altea 2.0TDI Sport (BKD engine) for approx 8 years, done regular 6 month oil/filter changes/5000k which ever comes first for the first 6 years, and last two years done oil changes yearly, there is 120k on the clock.

Other background: -
car is using a lot of coolant - need to top up from below low to full markings roughly every 3-4 weeks.
Oil - slowly drinking oil, goes from high to low over approx 5 months.

No smoke, from exhaust under normal or hard acceleration

No oil or other fluids on the floor under the car when left parked.

Over boost problem has been present since i bought the car since 2009.

This morning, the turbo was making a rather loud wining sound (more then the usual police car siren), so i stopped, and topped up the oil in case it was low. (Similar sound had happened in a friends car when oil was low)... Started up and started driving same sound was there. The pitch varied as turbo spooled up/down.

Let the car idle for a while just in case it needed a bit of time for the oil to get round, then pulled away, same sound...

I assume the turbo bearings are on the way out so carry on driving. About 10 min later (local start stop traffic so didn't rev much over 1k rpm), on a down hill stretch the noise just stopped...

So the question in my mind now is, was there something blocking the oil feed for the turbo which dropped off on the downhill stretch, or is the turbo/oil lines on their way out?

I know the turbo is a pig to get to on this car, its at the back against the firewall, any rough estimates of hours of labour for a garage to remove and install a replacement turbo and feed? (trying to get a ball park figure so i can consider replacing turbo vs the car - 55 plate).
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I've double checked oil, plenty in the sump (according to dip stick)...

Now i did accidentally leave the oil filler cap off earlier when i was having a proper look, and there was a fair amount of air pushing out from the filler port... Is this normal or is this signs of air coming in from the combustion chamber?

I ask as if this is a problem, then i'm considering getting rid of the car rather then spend £500 getting a recon turbo and fitting...

So if i replace the turbo and oil lines, what else should i be looking for and checking? There is no signs of oil leak, and no signs of the turbo imploding...

I am thinking of removing the EGR cooler as i suspect a leak there at the same time.

Anything else i should check and clean while I'm getting it done?
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