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Old 14-11-2012, 16:28   #1
drew FR
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Lightbulb Just used a self service garage in manchester

I was contemplating changing my rear beam on the drive after my trip up to mansfields, I purchased new poly bush mounts for the rear beam that needed the olds pushing out.

I was searching local garages that would swap it all over for me and they were quoting around £200 just for labour.

Then i stumbled upon Weng Self Service Garage in Manchester (near old trafford) where you rent the garage out by the hour.
So i was quick on the phone to find out a price, for which they quoted £70 for 3 hours so i took them up on it.

When i arrived I was amazed by what is on offer, It is just a full on garage with a 4 post ramp and jacking beam and all the tools you can think of. They were very friendly and gave me a hand when I became stuck.

I will definitely be going back as I've saved over £100!
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Old 14-11-2012, 19:37   #2
cupra gone :(
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i have seen something like this on the telly ages ago but never actually seen it in person. its a cracking idea !!
readers ride........
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Old 23-07-2015, 11:32   #3
Old but never too old
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Reviving an old thread but does anyone know a self service garage in the Hampshire area?

I think they're a great idea but at a guess not too many people are taking them on for insurance reasons, which is a shame.

Tried searching on web but so far nearest ones are Bristol and London.
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Old 24-07-2015, 01:28   #4
Pimped up vario
Cordy Cruizer
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A big problem that people may have that run those self service garage is that not everyone cares that the tools are put back in the correct place. Oh and also that they don't leave in someones back pocket. Not that any of us seat forum members could be accused of that.
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Old 24-07-2015, 11:48   #5
Old but never too old
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Ha yeah fair one...
Maybe it's just not worth the hassle for garage owners. Also most folk probably think that by the time they have forked out for hiring the kit, it wouldn't be that much more to actually just pay a mechanic to carry out the work for them.
Think the keen, car enthusiast is in the minority compared to the majority who can't be arsed, call the mechanic and are happy to part with their hard earned cash!
Each to their own.
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