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Originally Posted by Boo View Post
Can we get this thread made a sticky at all?
Just seeing as you asked nicely
Sent from a Telephone Box.

My (old) Ibiza R.R. thread / The MkII Golf R.R thread
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Be the change
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^^ Thanks.
Reader's Ride My Leon Cupra R
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Originally Posted by AndrewJB View Post
Next time im up your way you will have to introduce us to some of these short dress wearing girls
Not a prob bud Plenty about especially Glasgow on a Saturday night!

435.4bhp, 459.9lbs/ft + 364 bhp, 500lbs/ft
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Born Slippy
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My Baby..


The one at the front
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shell and me

My Leon and Shells ShAlhambra

my 200 BHP LEON CUPRA TDI Thread Shells SHARAN TDI Thread Wales Thread
"Like a Golf, but not a Golf, BETTER"
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kiss my face
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The car:


Navigation PRO, 19" Pretorias, Dynamic Chassis Control
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old 'uns
Modern Life is Rubbish...
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cars in order of purchase & still got..

well, sort of still own this:

work horse

w/e toy

Blue Badge special

new LHD project Francais

and finally...the condemned man @ Gretna '08, now older, fatter, uglier and none the wiser
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The original wee beastie
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Originally Posted by Brummy View Post
Just seeing as you asked nicely
Thanks petal
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Yes, I'm licking my hand
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My cars:



And me:

Arun "Swirl Killer" B............
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LCR 225
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^ Great t-shirt
MY READER'S RIDE : 05 Platinum Grey LCR 225 Stage 2
Speedline Turini's-Wavetrac LSD-Recaros-Forge-Milltek-Piper-Airtec....
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adam kelly
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My car

Me and my girlfriend

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Evil woman of doom beware
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Originally Posted by ArosaRacer View Post
my oakley's
It looked like some kind of weird tiny hat lol
Mk4 TDI FR Readers Ride
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Evil woman of doom beware
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Bret you seem to have a weird flower growth on the side of your head!
Mk4 TDI FR Readers Ride
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shel spotted that to I forgot to post it - lol
my 200 BHP LEON CUPRA TDI Thread Shells SHARAN TDI Thread Wales Thread
"Like a Golf, but not a Golf, BETTER"
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Your scaring me.......
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Originally Posted by Boo View Post
Now Mr Barratt I'm sure we can find a better picture of you .......
Oh indeed !

Founder member of the world famous "BTCC Barmy Army"

now found on Facebook &
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-----Hairy Hoonigan-----
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Teh Car:

Teh Me:

SEAT Leon Cupra R 225 . My Economy is worked out in Smiles per Gallon!

Click For Ape's 285bhp 318lb ft LCR
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Teaching the kids
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The car


With the wife and our son

Ibiza FR 1.8T old RR Thread
Citroen C4 VTR+ HDi current RR Thread
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My previous chariot

Me,the missus and number one child

Finally my current wheels
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Full Member
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The beast

My old Seat

Me and the wife

And yes I am a TRUE Scotsman

Dont have any pics of my Polo yet
2009 58 Landrover Freelander 2 HST Martinique Blue,
2007 Seat Leon 2.0TDI Ref Sport with aero kit in zenith grey-GONE
2004 Volkswagen Polo 1.9tdi Sport
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Awaiting Email Conf
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The mistress:

The poor, besotted fool that keeps the above in v-power, tyres, mods, garage bills, etc...

Old pic, have shorted hair, longer stubble and generally fewer owls these days.
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