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Photoshop Requests and Gallery If you'd like someone to "pimp your ride" in Photoshop this is the place to go. Also feel free to show off your handy work.

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Photoshop Requests

Maybe a mod might want to sticky and lock this thread.

Please take note when asking for requests.
  • Make it clear what you want and give as many source images as possible. We (the "choppers") do these in our spare time and don't fancy goin through Google Images to find the pictures. Plus you will also get a quicker response if you post source pictures.
  • Provide images oh high/good quailty and of decent size. Cloudy/blurred images etc are harder to "chop", the same goes for small images. Personally, I would say that the smallest image of your car should be 640x480 (approx phone/VGA size), and even then, the car should take up most the pic (no good being in the distance)
  • Also, and this is possibly one of the most vital parts as many choppers will agree, try and make sure all source images have been take from the same angle. i.e. pic of your car is side on, and alloys you want from another car has been taken from an extreme angle, again, this makes it difficult to do a good chop. Not saying it's impossible, but to get the best results, we, the choppers, need the best images possible.

Think that's about it

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hi there just a quick question, how do i put my pictures of my chops on a thread. thanks
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You need to host them elsewhere (photobucket etc.) then link to them. You can use the insert image button on the toolbar of the advanced editor if you don't know how to.
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Originally Posted in the wrong location

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Old 25-05-2009, 19:23   #5
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Can someone chop some oem cupra wheels in WHITE onto a SILVER Ibiza please.
Or even if there is someone already running these post a link.

That would be great !!
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Old 05-06-2010, 15:15   #6
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Also helps if the wheels you want can are shown in a picture on another car as opposed to just the wheel on itself
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Matthew FR
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Could someone please photoshop this wheel to Gloss black?
That'd be awesome!
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Old 28-10-2015, 15:56   #8
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EDIT: No picture provided
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you might want to go to post #1 of this 'sticky'......and read the line thats highlighted....then start a new thread
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