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Old 31-12-2010, 13:11   #1
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Red oil light flashing, 3 beeps, won't start

Hi all,

Please bear with me as this is my first post. About three days ago I went to start my car but it wouldn't start. Its a 2003 Seat Ibiza. The red oil light flashes and it beeps three times. After searching on these forums, I thought this was related to the coolant level which I topped up but I couldn't find the prongs to give them a scrape. It is now in the garage, where it has been for 2 days but they can't seem to detect the problem. Their diagnostic computer came up with nothing, they cleaned the prongs which didn't work and a new cam centre (i think thats what he said). Nothing is working! Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Have you checked the oil?
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When you say it wont start whats it actually doing? Also what engine is it?

Red Oil light I thought was for oil pressure low etc.
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Old 31-12-2010, 17:37   #4
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sounds like an issue between the main loom with the oil temp / presure sensors on it and i would imagine it has melted through somewhere, also check the earthing cable, am i right in thinking it turns over fine just not fireing?
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I've checked oil and that's fine. It's a 1.2l engine. It tries to start but won't fire up - the spark plugs are sparking and the battery is fine. The garage tried a new oil pressure switch today but no luck. They reckon the next step is a new crank sensor but they can't get hold of one til Wednesday with all the bank holidays. What do you think? It was fine at 10pm the night before, then at 8am the following morning it wouldn't work. It was -11 overnight so could it be to do with that?
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Old 31-12-2010, 18:36   #6
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forget coolant sensor for now as this wont effect starting of the engine.

Is it definately the oil light that flashing. - i appreciate this might seem a silly question but many people get the coolant gauge and oil lights mixed up.
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Mines done this before, the oil light on the middle panel between the speedo and rev counter beeps and flashes.

It has only happened when the car has been low on petrol so I've push started it and filled it with petrol and it's been fine.
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Old 31-12-2010, 19:11   #8
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hmmm, im guessing you had propper antifreeze in it yes?
other thing i can think of is crank pickup sensor but would normally throw up management light.
Good luck bud keep us updated.
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Old 03-01-2011, 19:59   #9
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If it cranks over for a bit and doesn't fire the oil light will beep and flash, if its a 1.2 chances are the timing chain has jumped.
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