New SEAT Ibiza TGI on the way with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Following on from the successful introduction of CNG models in the Leon and Mii, now it’s time for the New SEAT Ibiza. The new 1.0 SEAT Ibiza TGI will be present in Frankfurt as strong proof of SEAT’s trust in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a clean and efficient fuel. Compressed Natural Gas is the eco-friendly alternative to fill-in the gap between traditional drivetrains and the electric engine. And apart from that, CNG combines the best of both worlds, diesel and petrol, because in this sense, it emits 85% fewer nitrogen oxide emissions compared to diesel engines whilst decreasing CO2 emissions by 25% compared to petrol engines, as well as nearly all airborne particulate matter.

The Ibiza 1.0 TGI will be manufactured on the same production line as the rest of the range thanks to the flexibility enabled by the new modular MQB A0 platform, thus will be subjected to exactly the same test standards such as technical approval, quality control and durability, all with SEAT’s total guarantee and with all the qualities of the new Ibiza range in terms of safety, connectivity, design, comfort, precision and ride quality.

The 1.0 Ibiza TGI has three fuel tanks available; one for petrol and two for CNG; due to the fact that its engine works perfectly with both fuels and gives a total combined fuel range of almost 1,200 kilometers (390 with CNG), with CO2 emissions in CNG mode of only 88 g/km. No other technology comes close to the 1.0 Ibiza TGI in terms of fuel range, and when compared with electric vehicles, the driver never needs to worry about running out of battery power or fuel. Available in Style trim, the 1.0 Ibiza TGI boasts low running costs thanks to the lower price of CNG and the fuel efficiency of its engine.

  • Ghost45
  • August 31, 2019
In the 2019 is arrived also one other version of IBIZA TGI.
The new version 2019 have 3 tank of CNG of Natural gas and one little tank of benzine that arrive at 9 Liter.
So this version is called Monofuel !