CUPRA puts a lower powered CUPRA Leon e-Hybrid 204Ps into production

Race to the bottom? CUPRA adds yet another CUPRA Leon specification to an already long list

CUPRA have just announced an even less powerful CUPRA Leon to the range has gone into production.

We reviewed the CUPRA Leon e-Hybrid 245 version and had mixed feelings. We can’t see a version with even less power setting the world on fire, but CUPRA must get the numbers up in both sales and electrified models.

No word that this lower powered model is coming to the UK.

On with the details…

The start of production of the 204PS CUPRA Leon e-HYBRID – joining the 245PS e-HYBRID variant – marks the acceleration of the change to alternative powertrain technology and shows that electrification and performance are the perfect match, delivering the optimum balance between dynamics and efficiency.

“The CUPRA Leon e-HYBRID is destined to become an incredibly important vehicle for the brand as we head towards an electrified future.

The CUPRA Leon will help double the brand’s overall sales volume in 2021. And our ambition is that the CUPRA Leon plug-in hybrid variants account for more than half of the model sales this year.”

Wayne Griffiths, President of CUPRA and SEAT

The 204PS CUPRA Leon e-HYBRID is the next stage of the brand’s electrification. At its centre is a 150PS (110kW) 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine, linked to a 115PS (85kW) electric motor with power stored in a 13kWh lithium-ion battery pack. In combination the system provides 204PS (150kW) of peak power and 350Nm of torque.

The powertrain output is delivered smoothly thanks to the six-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, allowing for eco-conscious performance. The CUPRA Leon e-HYBRID reaches 100km/h in just 7.5 seconds, with a top speed of 220km/h.

And when pace isn’t a necessity, the driver can use the vehicle’s electric-only range of up to 63km based on the official WLTP test cycle to glide through urban streets. When the battery needs recharging, it can be done in as little as three and a half hours using a 3.6kW Wallbox (or around five hours from 230V domestic plug).

Thanks to its mix of combustion and electric, tailpipe emissions are just 26-29g/km based on the WLTP.

Available in both 5-door and Sportstourer, the 204PS CUPRA e-HYBRID joins the 245PS e-HYBRID variant and enters production this week at the brand’s Martorell headquarters.

It’s an important milestone for the standalone brand, bringing CUPRA’s number of plug-in hybrid vehicles to six: two CUPRA Leon 5-Door, two CUPRA Leon Sportstourer and two CUPRA Formentor options (204PS and 245PS).


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Apr 20, 2018
I'm just waiting for the Cupra Briggs and Stratton (BS) Edition........


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Jan 27, 2010
I really don't understand this Cupra brand... seems very like the Leon FR e-hybrid