Which SEAT is Best as a Business Car?

Are you wondering which SEAT is the best model for you as you shop around for a business car? If so, continue reading to find out what your options are.

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Which SEAT is Best as a Business Car?

If you are in the process of shopping around for your first business car or are just looking to upgrade your current business model, you may be considering a SEAT. It has been consistently voted as one of the most reliable car brands in recent history and should, therefore, remain a viable option for you whilst you navigate the increasingly complex and multifaceted business car market of today. If you are struggling to choose a SEAT for your next business car, continue reading to familiarize yourself with the latest and greatest options available to you.

SEAT Ibiza

It may not necessarily be your first option when you think of the most popular business cars on the roads today, but the globally renowned SEAT Ibiza has built an impressive history and established itself as one of the most reliable models within the brand’s extensive roster since it was first launched in the mid-1980s. In the years since, it has won a number of awards for its first-class performance, manoeuvrability, and fuel efficiency making it one of the most sought-after cars of this generation. It also boasts top-of-the-range aesthetics and functionality and comes equipped with a wide range of both petrol and diesel engines to ensure it stands out from the crowd and caters to business owners looking for a business car with a variety of relevant features.

SEAT Ateca

It may fall into the SUV category, but the SEAT Ateca is well-known for its first-class style, practicality, and performance on the roads and is, therefore, a great option for you as you shop around for your next business car. It has undergone a number of upgrades and developments in recent years to ensure it caters to the ever-changing demands of today’s modern business car owner but by capitalizing on emerging technological advancements, it has been able to move with the times and is now even bigger and better than it was when it originally launched in 2016.

SEAT Alhambra

If you are looking for a minivan to cater to your ever-expanding business needs, the SEAT Alhambra should be one of the first models on your shortlist. It may be most commonly bought as a family car, but it can also double as a business car with more seats, greater storage space, and a sleek design making it a great all-rounder and a worthy contender for your next business car. It has also been designed with safety and security in mind with various health and safety alerts, seat belt reminders, and a multi-collision braking system in place to ensure you not only feel safe but are safe whenever you are in the driving seat or riding along as a passenger. In addition, it can also comfortably seat up to seven people so you can be reassured that you will always have space for any unexpected guests or to store additional items.


In the business car world, the SEAT Leon is a common choice due to its dynamic design, sleek appearance, and unbeatable practicality. It can be fully customized to suit the individual needs and wants of the driver and, in doing so, provides non-stop driving pleasure so you can enjoy your time on the roads regardless of whether you are commuting to or from work. It is also possible to choose between a number of driving modes, such as normal, sport, and eco, so you can feel as if you are driving three cars in one with the addition of smart technology ensuring it remains a joy to drive as well as maintain.

If you are in the process of shopping around for your next business car, SEAT should be your first and final choice with a number of models, such as the SEAT Ibiza, SEAT Ateca, SEAT Alhambra, and SEAT Leon, amongst some of the best cars available on the market for today’s modern businessperson.

Considering Costs

If you are on the hunt for a business car with brand-new equipment, immersive technology, and top-of-the-range features and accessories to meet your every want and need, it may be worth taking the SEAT Ateca for a spin and researching the different types of insurance available to you.

Maintenance is also a crucial factor when choosing your car. Rule of thumb to consider is that the more powerful your car is, the more it would require maintenance. Visiting the garage is likely more expensive for high powered vehicles. So consider the average costs of:

  • Garage routine maintenance services
  • Replacement parts
  • Tires
  • Oil and gas costs
  • Permit renewal costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Yearly inspection costs

Have a safe ride.

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