Lighting Changing Sidelights Bulbs **GUIDE**

Right I know when I did this Char asked for a guide so I thought it was about time I got my bum in gear and got it done!

Tools/Parts needed :

Sidelight bulbs x4 (I have a sport model that needs 4)
Tissue or toilet paper
Cup of tea ;-)

Car used :

10 Plate Ibiza 1.4 SC Sport

Time needed :

About 10 minutes for a first timer

Difficulty :

2/5 - Only because it can be a bit fiddly!

When you first start the sidelights will look like this :


Nice huh, how cool is the standard look (YUCK!), time to change things!

I'll be using these :


Step 1 :

Open the bonnet, ok most people know how but it could be the first time you've done it! The bonnet pull is on the passenger side footwell, the bonnet catch is marginally off centre when you ease the bonnet up a touch.


I'm just going to show you the drivers side, the passenger side is exactly the same. You'll be greated with the below.


First thing you'll need to do it unclick the bulb covers, these are easy to do, just pull up on the clips. There are 2 covers, first one.



And the second one


Lets put these out of harms way!


You now need to find the side light bulb holder, it is a bit fiddly, it's the highest holder in the cluster of three.


This is the sidelight holder for the sidelight bulb nearest the wing


Another fiddly part. you will need to put you fingers around the holder for the sidelight, pinch one side, pull and wiggle (the holder not yourself!). This should free the holder so you can just pull it out


If done correctly you should be greeted by this (note mine are already the aftermarket bulbs as they are already in my car!).


You will now need to grab your tissue or toilet paper (Classy), put it over the bulb and pull it out. We put the tissue over the bulb so it doesn't wreck it. Once out place the old bulb somewhere safe as you may need it one day. Grab a new bulb from the pack (with tissue remember!) and just push back into the holder. MAKE SURE AFTER YOU HAVE PUT THE NEW BULB IN THAT YOU TEST IT WORKS, IF IT DOESN'T TAKE THE BULB OUT AND TURN IT 180 DEGREES AND RE INSERT AS IT WILL HAVE BEEN IN THE WRONG WAY ROUND.


Now all you need to do is push the holder back into place and hey presto "We're Halfway There!!"

Next you need to take out the holder nearest the grille


This one is a bit more simple, you can just pull this one out, you should be greeted with.


Repeat the step where you take out the bulb and put it back in as above. You will then need to just push this holder back into place.


Grab those pesky covers again, line up the inserts at the bottom and push the clips down to secure them



Once all put back together, turn on your sidelights and you should have something like this


Stand back for a moment, pat yourself on the back and admire your handy work!
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