I was in the process of fitting a new rear diffuser to the car and it became obvious that i would have to remove the bumper to do this.

I took a few photos and the rest is wordy but hopefully it will help you if you have to take off yours.

HEADS UP - to remove the rear bumper you have to remove the outside light units as well - be careful.

Step one
I had a look at the various documents i have on the car, the following picture gives the best view of whats involved.

So there are a lot of bits to the whole assembly but to remove just the plastic bumper there is less to worry about.

Step two
Undo the three bolts on the bottom of the bumper (marked as 13 on above picture)
Undo the two bolts on both left and right hand side (marked as 15 on above picture)
Undo the the three bolts that hold the inner lining in place (marked as 16 on above picture)
Finally undo the bolt that holds the bumper to the body work (not marked but show just above the 16)

be warned there is a lot of dust / mud being dropped at this stage so if you can put on goggles to protect your eyes

Step Three
You now need to remove the rear lights.
this shows the following

In the boot on the left and right hand side there is a flap that you can open and then you will have access to unscrew the bolt that holds the lights in place. WARNING DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN WHEN PUTTING BACK IN. When you remove the flap you will see a big bolt hole, dont worry a flat ended screwdriver will go in the hole and undo it with no issues.

The light unit is now free and as per the instructions you have to carefully move the light out and pull it clear (if you look at the picture below you will see there are two bolt holes that the light clips into to keep the lights in place). Please note the hard plastic that sits in the water gully will need to be moved to allow you to do this. Just take your time and dont apply to much pressure.

Once the light is out, disconnect from the electrics (sorry did not take a pic but its obvious what to do) and then the light fitting will be free and you will see a whole like this

Youtube vid on what to do for lights

Step Four Remove the Bumper

You have now undone all the screws/bolts that are visible, Now you can undo the ones that have been revealed as you have taken the lights out. If you look at the picture in Step three you will see that there are two bolts, (One at the top of the bumper and one next to the boot opening) undo these two bolts and the bumper is now free to remove. As you can see in the pictures below the bumper is help in place with clips all you have to do is carefully (starting on the outside edge first) and from the bottom pull out, you will hear some clicking as the clips become free.

Please ensure you have help or something raised to put bumper on as elec wires are stretched when bumper on the floor.

Once you have freed up the bumper you will see three wires (if you have reversing sensors).
Two of these are for the number plate lights and one is for the reversing sensors. Just unplug the three connectors (sorry no pictures) and then you can move the bumper away.

Before we go to pictures, now is the time for you to clean your bodywork and most importantly the rear of you exhaust because its very easy to get to the whole end, make the most of this.

Bumper removed - with descriptions of various components.

And here is the back of the bumper

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