Audio systems iPod Cable with Combined USB Aux Option

There have been many posts to do with the iPod cable options so I've added this to help.

This post is for information only and highlights a tested option but does not provide recommendation.

For those cars with the factory fit combined USB and Aux (CUP) option installed there is an optional cable to provide song/album/playlist iPod control from the head unit and steering controls. The head unit provdes the display and is used to navigate the artist/album/playlist etc whilst the steering control will provide track skip/back and volume. The Seat cable is around the £80 mark. However a BMW cable part number 61120440812 will also provide this functionality at about half this price from BMW dealers or cheaper if you search.

This BMW cable has been tested OK for function in a 2011 version SC car and will charge the following units:

  • iPod Classic 80G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod Nano 6th gen touch screen model

* All the above have the same 30 pin dock connector.
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