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Engine bay N249 Bypass - A complete guide

hey guys and gals after having a slight debate over the way to do an n249 bypass
this is how i would do it,i like to know your views on it.i see alot of people only doing half a job.a random guy with a 1.8t leon agreed to let me do had a cat back exhaust an a air filter.this took me 25 mins to do.that was with taking photos and telling the lad what i was doing..

lets get started this is simple and a great mod ive done it to all my 1.8t cars from standard mk4 golfs to my mk3 ibiza at 340bhp

tools needed

this is what you will start with

this is what you will have removed

your work is good now reward your self with a beer and a pat on the back!

this is all the rubbish that you should have removed..

i hope this helps you guys an ive never had any problems just improve ments not engin lights on..
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