Lighting Retrofit RGB footwell LEDs

- 4x 8K0973754A connector (Aliexpress has them with pins and a bit of wire)
- Some wire, long enough to reach both footwells
- Some electrical skills
- 1x 8W0947415A
- 1x 8W0947415B
- Your needs to have a Highline, facelift BCM. Non-facelift MK3's cannot use this retrofit method.

And if you want to do the rear as well (but you would need to pull the LIN/+/GNDwires to the rear passenger footwell area:
- 1x 8W0947415C
- 1x 8W0947415D

First, find the BCM. On LHD cars it's on the drivers' side, near the fuse box. It's the square thing with a white clamp at the bottom, which sticks out a bit. Unplug the C-connector on the BCM. The connectors are on the left side. Not my picture, but you can see in this picture the hand is rearching for the connector:

The connector which is the closest to the driver, is the C-connector, marked here:

To loosen the connector, you have to press a tab on the back of the connector, and then lift the white clamp. The cable will slide down, and you will see this:


Open up the connector, it's pretty easy and speaks for itself. Never use force.
Inside the connector, there are 2 connectors. You need to have Pin 29.


See pin 29 on connector C?

This is the wire with the LIN-bus:

The rest is quite easy:
- Tap into this wire in some way (solder to the connector, or whatever method you prefer).
I've used this and some automotive wire tape to keep it all looking nice.


- Pull the LIN wire to the nearest footwell area.

The original white footwells have 12V and GND. You can use these for the RGB footwell LEDs as well. Once you've coded everything it will work like it's from factory. The pinout of the LEDs is as follows:
1: +
3: LIN OUT (not used, unless you want to daisychain your LEDs)
4: GND

Connect to the footwell light, and you're done with the wiring bit.

Now... Coding.

- Module 9, adaptation, channel "Leuchte30FR". FR Stands for Fussraum here, which means footwell.
- Make sure the bulb type is 36 - LED kleinleistung.
- Light function AB: Fussraum / Footwell
- Dimmwert AB: 127 (default was 100, but needs to be 127 to prevent dimming of the LEDs by lowering the voltage.
Then, go to channel Ambient_lighting_in_slave_groups and make the following changes:
- verbauinfo group 13: single color
- lichtfunction group 13: Footwell
- verbauinfo group 14: 3_not_defined
- lichtfunction group 14: Footwell

Now you have RGB footwells!


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