Servicing Service / oil inspection light (how to reset)

Hi I own a 2015 Mk5 SEAT Ibiza that I serviced in September this year, but was having problems resetting the service / oil inspection light, but I managed to work it out in the end.

Anyway the last job I had to do was turn off/reset the service inspection light, so I followed the procedure in my owners manual to reset the service light/indicator but it didn't work, also tried it from what my Haynes manual said and again no joy.

This is what they both say.
With ignition switched off depress & hold the right button under dash dial's, now switch ignition on & release right button and press left button within 20 seconds.
Service light should go out.

Turns out the above procedure works on SEAT Ibiza's with red LED dash from 2008 to roughly 2011 or 2012

Ibiza's with white LED dash you have to do the following procedure.

With the ignition switched off,
turn Hazard's on wait 3 seconds, now depress & hold the right button under dash dail's, now switch ignition on and release right button and quickly press left button, the service light should reset.
Now turn off Hazard's.

This worked on mine with the white LED dash 2012 to 2017

Hope this helps out others

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