Tools needed,
flat screwdriver,
torx bit 20
phillips screwdriver,
wire snips (sharp scissors)
electrical tape.
Parts needed,
16.5cm speakers,
autoleads sak-3103 adaptors.

1st, put a flat bladed screwdriver in the slot at approx 7 o'clock, put a bit of card behind to protect door panel and prise off speaker cover, i found it best to get a gap started and pull off with your hands you need to be quite firm.

Next unplug speaker connector and undo the 4 torx screws and the speaker can now be removed.

Next your adaptors have to be modyfied by cutting off the lip (i used a bench grinder) a hacksaw blade should do.the one on the right is befor and the left is after.

Next, fit the new autoleads adaptor, i used 4 new self tapping screws as the original torx screws were to big for the holes, at this point you must reroute your speaker wires or they will be trapped between the adaptor and the door skin. Now plug in your new wireing loom that came with the autoleads kit, if you are disconnecting your tweeters (by the door pull) cut wires 2 and 4 in the original wireing side of connector and tape up,edit you can just cut no 2 wire to achive th same results.

Next, wire speaker up and screw speaker into adaptor.

Finally,clip cover back on, note look at the back where the pegs are as it only fits one way, add trim kit and simmer for 30 mins;)


This is the way i did it and it works fine but i accept no responsibility bla bla bla.
Total job should take no longer than a hour.
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