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  1. Craigc

    Fitting Bluetooth

    Hi, not been on here for a while ! My wife is getting an Ibiza FR and I was wondering how hard it is to remove the stereo ? I have fitted a parrot kit before to my old Leon and it was excellent has anyone fitted something similar to the Ibiza ?
  2. Craigc

    buying a cupra r ?

    I have a FN2 CTR and it's not a patch on my old LCR. Never had any reliability issues with the LCR. All I'd say is make sure you get a newer 225 LCR
  3. Craigc

    Who's been up against a Civic Type R?

    Having owned a Cupra R and now owning a New Civic Type R. I can say the Cupra R is faster, especially since mine was re-mapped. One thing I do notice about the Civic is that it handles better than the Leon although the ride is firmer Oh and the LCR is much faster than an Accord type R, I bet...
  4. Craigc

    Stealth Box

    Yeah I needed to wait a month or so for mine to come, definately better than your bog standard sub box though.
  5. Craigc

    Stealth Box

    Try here - http://www.autoacoustics.com/subwoofflatpk.htm
  6. Craigc

    How do people Afford??

    Funnily enough I work in IT. But I have had my own flat in central Edinburgh for almost three years now. My first few cars had finace on them but as my wages went up I didn't need it for my last few cars.
  7. Craigc

    How do people Afford??

    I payed for my Cupra R straight away, no loans etc. I just gradulaly built up the car I had since I was 17.
  8. Craigc

    Xbox Live Gamer tags

    'ROGUE LEADER23' I must have just been watching Starwars when I made it up
  9. Craigc

    Reversing sounds like chewy from star wars!!

    Before you replace anything give the rear brakes a good blast with a pressure washer and see if that helps. Might clear out anything thats stuck between the pad and disk.
  10. Craigc

    leon cupra r need better handlin

    I can vouch for the S3 brace making a difference. I am going to get some uprated anti roll bars at somepoint.
  11. Craigc

    Reversing sounds like chewy from star wars!!

    Its the rear brakes I believe, mines does it if you just brush the brakes or the handbrake isn't quite off. Maybe your rear brakes need adjusted ?
  12. Craigc

    What car shampoo to use??

    I think I am going to try Poorboys Slick & Suds once my gold class runs out
  13. Craigc

    What car shampoo to use??

    I like Meguiars gold class but I'm sure there are better products that I haven't tried. But the Megs definately doesn't take wax of my car.
  14. Craigc

    Just back from Star RR day.

    Here are my figures for the same day - Norm Power = 238.5BHP to DIN 70020 Engine Power = 247.5BHP Wheel output = 194.50BHP Torque = 214 lbf-ft Do these seem OK ?
  15. Craigc

    Purple Leon Cupra R

    That sub is huge ! Will be interested to see everything installed !
  16. Craigc

    Short shift?

    I have to admit I am not overly impressed with the EIP short shift. It makes the gears fell a bit notchy even after ajustment
  17. Craigc

    Test drove a Cupra FR today.........

    Test drive a Cupra R and see what you think of them ;)
  18. Craigc

    how can i get these rear lights?! (NOT LEXUS)

    I like them, would go well on my Red LCR
  19. Craigc

    playing the waiting game...

    I had xenons on my Focus and I miss them. Excellent kit to have worth the price I say.
  20. Craigc

    Exploding window covered under warranty?

    You could always try warranty and see what they say. But windscreen cover should include all windows.
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