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  1. Lozzy15

    Need Help! ESC Button Retrofit

    This was a retrofit I was going to do myself and cover on here, but haven't got around to it yet. From what I remember when I was researching it (late last year) you have to run a wire to the ABS pump. Now apparently that can be skipped if you have a certain wire in a plug near the BCM module...
  2. Lozzy15

    DIY Radar - Front Assist Not Available

    That's a good little guide you've made there. Funny enough I have this very problem with my front assist so will probably give this a shot at some point. Are you happy for me to turn this into an article on the resources section of the site for others to use? I'll link it to you so it will be...
  3. Lozzy15

    Drivability map

    Any kind of mod or change to the ECU should be conveyed to the insurance company. As to whether they'll charge, it's down to them. But knowing most insurance places only care about fleecing everyone for as much as they can, I'd learn towards yes for additional charges. If there is no increase in...
  4. Lozzy15

    Polybush Dogbone Mount Insert Guide - MK3 Leon

    When doing mine it did pretty much slot right in without any resistance. So long as it doesn't move about once it's in it should be fine.
  5. Lozzy15

    SEAT Leon Review (2020)

    Definitely some features there that I like and would in my current MK3. Still not fully sold on the rear 'coast-to-coast' light but I've yet to see one in person so I'll reserve judgement until then. It will be interesting to see how this will compare to the CUPRA.
  6. Lozzy15

    New 2020 OEM Quality Chrome Car Badges (Group buy)

    Didn't even think of that! Good idea
  7. Lozzy15

    Who's in...?

    Why have I got an image of a mangled shredded body being left behind after a session on that thing? :oops:
  8. Lozzy15

    My 2014 Lima green Leon FR 184 diesel.

    I'll have a look in a moment, if not I'll add it to the new resources section 👍
  9. Lozzy15

    How to make your 12v accessory socket permanently live

    This thread was in response to the MK3 Leon, the MK2 is most likely wired differently from what has been discussed in this thread so I don't know if it's as easy for you to make yours perm live as described here. Might be worth making a thread in the MK2 forums and asking there, someone with...
  10. Lozzy15

    Finally here....

    Looking very smart that (y)
  11. Lozzy15

    General maintenance General Links

    Links to helpful bits of info on this and other sites Battery Types and what they mean https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/battery-completely-dead.439948/#post-4737776 and how to code a new one http://forum.obdeleven.com/thread/2041/battery-replacement How to upgrade you boot struts...
  12. Lozzy15

    General maintenance Cupra 280 2014 Main Control Panel Removal

    The purpose of this manual is to show you how you can remove the central console and then remove the switches out of the unit to enable work to be carried out. I will update over time to show how i fitted a stop start memory module (I need to run a 12v power feed to the back so on hold for a...
  13. Lozzy15

    Bumpers Cupra/Leon 280 (2014) rear bumper removal

    I was in the process of fitting a new rear diffuser to the car and it became obvious that i would have to remove the bumper to do this. I took a few photos and the rest is wordy but hopefully it will help you if you have to take off yours. HEADS UP - to remove the rear bumper you have to...
  14. Lozzy15

    Brake system Fitting Audi RS3 Brake ducts to Cupra 280

    Purpose of the Brake ducts is to direct airflow from the front of the car onto the Brake Disks so that if you are doing a lot of braking or track work it helps to keep the brakes at a better temp. I have just been told some of the smaller brake systems may have issues with fowling on the...
  15. Lozzy15

    Braces and struts Fitting strut brace to MK3 Leon - without removing scuttle tray

    Hi Guys & Gals, Today I fitted a strut brace to my Leon. It was real easy to do and took around 15 - 20 minutes. You don't need major mechanical skills to do this, just some tools. The tools I used were: 13mm sockets, 3/8 ratchet, 1/4 inch ratchet, a 1/4 inch driver and a 13mm spanner. Torque...
  16. Lozzy15

    Body Panels Removing exterior door trim

    How to remove exterior door trim
  17. Lozzy15

    Engine bay Oil Catch Can Fitting Guide - 1.4Tsi MK3 Leon

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick guide today - how to fit a oil catch can for your engine. This is very simple and virtually anyone can do this with minimal tools. If you're wondering whether to bother fitting a catch can, google will explain much better than me, but essentially it helps capture...
  18. Lozzy15

    Bushes Polybush Dogbone Mount Insert Guide - MK3 Leon

    Hi guys and gals, Just another quick guide for anyone who's been thinking of fitting a polyurethane bush insert to the lower engine mount, also known as the dogbone mount. This mod is quick and easy to do, with minimal tools and skill needed. In total it took me around 15 minutes. What you will...
  19. Lozzy15

    Bumpers Front Bumper Removal - MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, Here is a how-to to remove your front bumper. This is an easy task and will take around 20 minutes to remove, usually a little less to refit. The tools you will need are: T40 & T25 Torx bits Flat bladed screwdriver To begin with, pop the bonnet. Above the central grill there is...
  20. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Front Parking Sensors & Park Pilot - MK3 Leon

    Hi guys & gals, Got a big one for you today. This guide will show you how you can retrofit fit front parking sensors and enable the Park Pilot function on your Leon. This will be a lengthy guide so be sure to give it a full read first to ensure you can complete the job. This requires some...
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