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  1. what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Looks great! I was wondering - is there any size difference in the regular rubber and the metal pedal covers? By size I meant width - as in, would it be easier to heel-toe with the metal covers? Or is it pretty much the same as with the stock pedal covers?
  2. CUPRA 300 Sunroof Black Interior Liner

    Don't have a CUPRA of my own. But a quick search in German car sales portal mobile.de showed up some examples of the panoramic roof being closed with the cover. Seems black to me:
  3. MK3 Leon Cupra R - rumour and speculation

    Is there any risk of the Cupra R being cancelled because of the amount of penalties and problems after dieselgate and the other accusations flying around during the last weeks? Similar to the VW Golf R400, which was cancelled after the scancals broke.
  4. 1.4 FR 150 does it have a front diff?

    I believe the non-Cupa models do not have a mechanical diff. They only have electronics mimicking a differentsial working, by using traction control and braking on either of the front wheels. It's called an XDS electronic differential. Official VW explanation: The XDS electronic differential...
  5. what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Got the car waxed again for summer. Been doing this every spring and fall, since I gt the car. My Leon will be 2 years old come this June. With a fresh coat of wax (Soft99 Fusso, if anyone's interested) it looks as good as new. Also the detailer decided to wash the engie bay as a bonus. I...
  6. MK3 Leon Cupra R - rumour and speculation

    That's just old rumors repeated it seems, yes. I really hope, that the Cupra R will get a manual 'box (or at least with an option of a manual 'box). That would appeal to a different customer than the Golf R and Audi (R)S3, so might be a plus for Seat. Then again, knowing the VAG group, it's...
  7. Cupra DSG or Manual

    I'm not sure about the Cupra. But I drive a 1.4 TSI ACT (150) FR and I heel and toe all day in this car. No remap, or anything. I rev match and heel and toe (I know those are separate things :D ) without any problems. Only problem I have is that it's impossible to do it with the engine in 'eco'...
  8. Cupra 300 General Discussion and Pics

    It seems there was a new color revealed in the Geneva Motorshow - ORANGE! In the video below you can see the 5-door Cupra 300 hatch with the new "Eclipse Orange" color. Not sure, if it's only for the 5-door, or on all the other body variants as well. Nothing that I could find from the Seat UK...
  9. FR suspension

    I find the FR suspension fine. I knew it might be a little harsher, but compared to my previous car - Ford Focus Mk2 Estate, it's almost the same. Maybe it's been too long with the Seat and I've gotten used to it. But I really don't remember the Focus being any more comfortable or softer to be...
  10. Cupra 300 General Discussion and Pics

    That looks very, very nice!
  11. Heel & Toe in manual Leon?

    I don't use exactly the heel and toe parts of my foot. All the instructional video I watched, when I learned heel&toe about 5-6 years ago showed that the widest part of the foot is used. Maybe it's a matter of preference, or depending on the kind of pedals you use (some cars have the gas pedal...
  12. Heel & Toe in manual Leon?

    I'm confused at the comments above as well. I've been doing heel'n'toe on my Leon since the first week I got it. Had no issues with it. Even when standing still and holding the brake, I'm able to rev the engine with my right leg at the same time. It's a bit more difficult on "Normal" engine...
  13. 2017 Leon!!!

    Not crazy about the mandatory 19" wheels, even if you don't opt for the performance package with the bigger brakes. 18" wheels would be big enough for the standard trim in my opinion. But that's just me and I'm not really in the market of upgrading to a Cupra just yet... :) While we're on the...
  14. 2017 Leon!!!

    I have to say. It looks better in 'real life pictures' than in the promo material. I really like it.
  15. 2017 Leon!!!

    It seems some of the price list information (with standard equipment) is available on the Finnish site. According to their information the FR-trim level now comes with standard LED lights (front and back). This certainly wasn't the case of the pre-FL model.
  16. 2017 Leon!!!

    In Europe we had the Cupra 265 and the 290 (replaced the earlier 280). This was available for all bodystyles - SC, 5-door and ST. I wonder, if the Cupra 300 will now be the only available option then? Or will this just replace the 290, as was the case when the 280->290 switch came along.
  17. 2017 Leon!!!

    From the initial brochure I'm a little dissapointed in the wheel designs, nothing quite good looking for my tastes. I was planning on getting a new set to get separate summer and winter wheels. Oh well, I guess aftermarket wheels it is...
  18. Looking after paintwork

    Get the car waxed with wax or sealant every spring and autumn. If you can afford it, you can even go for a ceramic coat as suggested above. I'm not sure about the UK prices, but they are a fair bit more expensive than the waxes or sealants, where I'm located. During the spring, summer and...
  19. Autocar - Cupra 300 4wd HATCH?

    From the Autoevolution article: "The prototype has a 5-door body that sits even lower than a regular Cupra on what seem to be 20-inch wheels." 20" rims is surely a bit overkill? I would hope to upgrade my 1.4 TSI FR to a Cupra, when the lease is done (that's still 3.5 years away mind you). And I...
  20. 2017 Leon!!!

    This monstrosity is nothing new for the facelift. This was already with the initial Mk3 model:
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