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  1. Thieves breaking into cars for their Stereo chip. Question.

    The VW Scirocco chips won't work for getting the free sky Only Seat Leon chips are guaranteed to get you free sky, has to be from a 64 plate FR though or they won't work;) But seriously, don't loose any sleep over it, its just a years old urban myth, there was a spate of thefts of Ford 5000...
  2. 290 black - running in? fuel?

    Some people won't, some people will, others will put it in there 1.2 Citroën saxo 's and be convinced it's worth another 30 bhp and women's clothing will fall off as they drive down the high street on a Friday night cruise :D But Octane rating Is not about power - although a slight increase...
  3. Headlight bulbs change to LED

    Its a mk2 that they have, that's why
  4. Seat Leon X-Periance - Towbar

    Hi, that's no problem. I looked at the fixed ones at first, when I initially thought all the removable ones needed a biggish bumper cover. if I remember correctly only one towbar manufacturer had a swan neck tight enough not to need a cut out, it was obviously cheaper, but I don't think it...
  5. Seat Leon X-Periance - Towbar

    I did a lot of research on which one to fit and there are a few good towbar threads on here, have a look through those, I wanted one that didn't show when detached, plus I want one at a later date for my cupra so was a useful test run if you like - I know it's not type approved for the cupra...
  6. Engine flush and fuel treatment - yay or nay?

    Just found the answer, fuel quality, low Ron number or porky pies as to the real number and unreliable fuel supply - I guess they mean if a unscrupulous garage sells 89 as 92 as 95 or 92 or 95 as 98 + - in certain countries No issues in the UK if your running 98+ in your cupra or 95 on...
  7. Engine flush and fuel treatment - yay or nay?

    Could that be more to do because of the fuel you use, isn't it higher in sulfur etc and 92 is the preferred grade that most people use, some even use lower out in the countryside, although 95 is available just not as popular as 92, and 98 whilst available is rarely used? I might be...
  8. Engine flush and fuel treatment - yay or nay?

    Just to add, with some of the money you saved, put it to good use on something that may actually be of benefit and put in a new air filter, mine was filthy at that mileage and the service schedule for first air filter change is something ridiculous like 40000 miles
  9. Engine flush and fuel treatment - yay or nay?

    Pretty pointless using a oil flush on flush on it, and again if your using super unleaded, totally pointless to be using a one time fuel treatment too Just my opinion of course. But I'd save your money and tell then to save it all for the next ford anglia driver who calls in for a service :D
  10. Mk3 Leon electric steering issue?

    Lol "they all do that sir" " perfectly normal" seems the stock standard cop out for many dealers Worth remembering- depending on how old the car is- it's not up to you to prove somethings faulty - although obviously there is or you feel something isn't right - It's up to them to prove to you...
  11. Mk3 Leon electric steering issue?

    +1 Does sound iffy, can't see a safety system like the steering shutting down when the car Is in motion
  12. difference between fr and cupra ?

    Well that won't work, all leon owners are hung like a small horse, if they weren't they would feel the need to buy a VW to make up for their short fall ;) :D
  13. difference between fr and cupra ?

    What the 1.4?, always get them as courtesy cars , I heard he thought it was a bit of a sluggish old mule so gave it to the missus to use ;):D
  14. difference between fr and cupra ?

    I've he had them school nativity plays would be over a bloody sight quicker :D
  15. Seat Cupra 300 - 0-60mph in 4.9s

    Not always, Leon got the led headlights before most others in the group :) So there's always hope :D
  16. 1.4 TSI ACT - Service Notification?

    The one year is irrelevant, if it reaches the 10k mark before you reach the 1 year :)
  17. 1.4 TSI ACT - Service Notification?

    But you don't have to have it done dead on 9400, you can have it done at 10k + I think there Is something in the service book about how far over before it may effect your warranty if you ever had an engine related issue
  18. 1.4 TSI ACT - Service Notification?

    Seems to come up at 9400 miles and then says 0 miles/ 0 days left ( depending what service schedulethe car is setl too) So that would be right, it's probably to give people time to book it in and not run to far over 1×××x miles that may cause you warranty issues in the future That's my take on...
  19. MOT Failure for Headlights being to low

  20. 2017 Leon!!!

    Already discussed on the previous page on this very thread :D
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