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  1. Led light upgrades

    P21W is a totally different package and wattage to the 5W5 lamp you link. When retrofitting LED you also need to consider the available space - LED is usually bulkier/longer then the original lamp. That site has several canbus P21W DRL lamps available, I'd suggest you first have a look inside...
  2. Mk3 leon headlight issue

    The passenger side headlight appears to be from a facelift model, so won't work on your pre-facelift car.
  3. Collision Warning Light

    Try having a Tesla for thick: "I'm sorry Dave, I didn't see the huge white truck".
  4. Dim head lights

    If halogen then replace the lamps every six months; you could also try the more expensive night breaker etc. options as well but they aren't really any brighter (due to the laws of physics). If LED then it's much more tricky, the pre-facelift model lights are only about the same output as...
  5. Redmi and Android Auto

    Okay, it's just that the global rom for either the Redmi or Mi phones includes and supports all things Google - only the Chinese ROM is designed to make life difficult.
  6. Collision Warning Light

    I've had lots of tone with icon warnings; most often valid, like when a slow moving car is turning off the road in front of me, but sometime just a radar reflection from a wheelie bin or other roadside object. It's especially startling on an empty road, when you think it's about to hit something...
  7. Redmi and Android Auto

    I've got the MI 9t pro, aka the Redmi K20 pro and Android Auto works perfectly - as does everything Google. Not sure why you'd want to use a Chinese ROM though, that would just be awkward.
  8. Slow 1.6 TDI

    Or, if you are still concerned after that, take it to your local bloke and ask him to drive it - you should then get an honest opinion.
  9. 1.4 ecotsi rattle

    It kicks in with any mode, you can't turn it off without modifying the car.
  10. Warranty question

    If they do it would be a goodwill gesture from the dealer themselves, Seat would say it's driver damage. I once had the air con condenser leak, where a small stone passed through the grill (without any damage) and holed the soft aluminium, I was told 'driver damage' and no warranty cover with...
  11. Is My Map up todate?

    https://www.seatcupra.net/forums/threads/navigation-system-updates.388586/ There a DIY thread for map updates, which will tell you where to look and the latest version
  12. Slow 1.6 TDI

    "My local Seat dealer does a basic 'health check' for £25, including a road test" It's an opportunity to mug you, they won't do anything more than check the fluid levels, tyre pressure and wear - then try to sell you at least £400 of unnecessary parts and labor. It's the same check you should...
  13. Slow 1.6 TDI

    All the VW TDI's I've had only really loosened up at around 50,000 - especially for mpg, so the low milage might be a factor. How long does it take to get hot air in the cabin? On a new TDI it might be a few minutes, with high internal friction, after 50,000 it took nearly half an hour.
  14. Slow 1.6 TDI

    That all sounds about right, the torque band is pretty narrow in the 1.6 so below 1,500 the turbo isn't adding anything and once you go over 2,500 you are just wasting fuel. The 2.0 TDI pulls much harder, but still has the same torque band. The DFP and other environment 'features' take a lot...
  15. Oil for 130 bhp Leon 5F 1.5 TSI

    My manual says VW504, on page 60.
  16. Weird noise below the car when opening door

    It should only be when the driver's door is opened, or it is on mine anyway; the fuel tank pump operates for a few seconds to pressurise the system before you start the car.
  17. Auto handbrake or not - Leon Cupra

    You beat me to it!
  18. Auto handbrake or not - Leon Cupra

    Or was it the same problem as the OP to this thread had, where the switch wasn't manually pulled and the auto function was switched off?
  19. Auto handbrake or not - Leon Cupra

    It's quite easy to differentiate between the brake/hill hold and when the auto parking brake applies - just open the window and listen or look at the dash. When you apply the foot brake while stationary the green P appears, this is brake/hill hold and only matches the pedal pressure you've...
  20. Maybe an end in sight for Kangaroo jerking...

    https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/driving-1/2020-07/volkswagen-confirms-no-further-measures-planned-in-regards-to-15-tsi-issues/ VW say the problem is fixed and no further measures are planned...
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