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  1. Any issues to watch out for changing the battery?

    The need to change the serial number will be mainly to force the battery management system to recognise that a new battery has been fitted, and so it will change the charging profile back to what a new battery "need" and not what the old battery was given by way of an adapted with time and...
  2. Gearbox oil change interval

    VW Group consider that manual gearbox fluid or oil does not require replacing over the service life of the gearbox. That number that you have shown is a valid gearbox fluid/oil - but I don't know if it is correct for your gearbox, you would need to use your gearbox code and see which VW Group...
  3. passenger side DRL brighter and bluer than driver side DRL

    What was said was that it might be due to the angle that you are wrt each light, but if that was the case, then I'd hope that you would have been able to move Left to Right and see it change. So, all you can do is buy a light measuring device, ie lux meter to check how far apart they are light...
  4. Brake Fluid Top Up?

    The official workshop manual states 0.25litre per wheel, but I always start at the rear and allow maybe 0.4litre out of each rear wheel brake and a lot less out from each of the front wheel brakes, that means that I'd still get away with using 1litre, but as I change the fluid on 2 cars at the...
  5. Any issues to watch out for changing the battery?

    I've bought one of these Draper memory savers that plug into the OBD2 port as well, again it has now been used yet. My older Draper one that had a mains transformer was given away, I also had a Draper one that used a 9V battery. I've even bought the next size up battery tray and battery...
  6. 2010 Ibiza Boot Lock Mechanism removal

    If you need to remove and fit that bolt you will need to buy a kit that has Spline bits, easy to do, my main bit kit has Spline, Hex and Torx, for Rib I needed to buy another kit.
  7. silica grain in the header tank

    I thought that someone had confirmed that at some point in time, these bags started to get replaced with a better form of container for the silicate granules - I thing that I read that in this forum, as to what exactly that means to those without "mit silikat" or just the original bags that...
  8. silica grain in the header tank

    @Wastedagen , I agree a lot more clarity is required to separate the "ifs and iffs and buts" from all the other well intended chatter/noise.
  9. Glovebox light not work

    The glovebox light normally only operates under certain conditions, like maybe ignition ON or headlights ON, does your glovebox light not come on under any conditions? Edit:- that was just a thought/suggestion, how/when does that light come on with others who have the same car?
  10. Abs question

    One problem can be, one person's "wiggle" test is another person's "wrecking/breaking" test, so maybe more money wasted if "look - see" is not carried out sensible and with appreciation of how fragile these cables can be on a car of this age.
  11. Abs question

    Instead of scattering good money on guessing what is wrong, you would be better finding someone local to you that has VCDS or Carista, if you can't do that then find an independent VW Group specialist workshop, failing that any SEAT/VW/Skoda/Audi workshop to run diagnostics on that car. Or you...
  12. Warranty question

    While that would annoy me, it is the correct response from any car dealership - until the rules change and all new cars are designed with stone protection for the condenser and radiator, and I'd doubt if that will ever happen as most people are lucky enough to avoid that problem.
  13. Warranty question

    I'd hope so, as that part was not fit for purpose if it easily broke.
  14. Fault code - 00527 intake air temperature sensor G42

    I'd note that fault code down, then clear it and see what happens in a week or so of driving. The parts listing shows it to be secured by 2 screws, and the connector needs uplugged - that is if that fault returns.
  15. 2010 Ibiza 1.4 (petrol) battery change

    Excellent, now should be able to stop worrying about "will it start?".
  16. silica grain in the header tank

    @Brian Gordon-Stables , thanks for grabbing all these bits of info and putting them into one place. As said by someone in one of these write ups " Snip --- Snip. And yes it's odd they didn't name it G13+ or G14" .
  17. silica grain in the header tank

    @Brian Gordon-Stables , now that you seem to have done a lot of leg work on this, I have a question about this all:- during this period of manufacture VW Group would have filled cars with G12++ followed by or replaced with G13 followed by or replaced with G12evo, so where in all this coolant...
  18. 2010 Ibiza 1.4 (petrol) battery change

    Ah, good, so it does not sound like you have the BCM S/W issue hopefully. To reset the electric windows, if they or the driver's side one does not "auto close" - if it ever had that function, you need to hold down the DOWN button and keep holding it for a second or so after the window has...
  19. 2010 Ibiza 1.4 (petrol) battery change

    One other thing, how long have you owned this car and how often do you drive it? I am just asking these questions in case that car needs its BCM software updated to avoid it randomly or frequently discharging its battery while it is parked. I had that problem with my older daughter's late 2009...
  20. 2010 Ibiza 1.4 (petrol) battery change

    I'd certainly buy a cheapish smart charger and get that battery charged back up again, it would be handy if you also bought a cheap digital voltmeter so that you know what/why is going on. Edit:- as that battery looks like the original, ie an Exide manufactured in ES - Spain, it is probably...
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