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  1. Led headlight scuff mark on the inside !!

    I have no idea... they have done it under warranty... recently I replaced headlight unit due to small car accident caused by another driver, the price of the new unit was 1100 euro including the VAT, so you should be happy how cheap is in UK...
  2. Led headlight scuff mark on the inside !!

    They could be cleaned, my Seat garage offers this. This looks like from evaporated water stain. If I was you I would check for cracks in the bottom corners of the headlight unit. I had the same stains from slightly cracked led unit, not visible until I looked closely the bottom wide angle corner...
  3. Glove Box Light

    you have to tighten probably the rubber stoppers for the glovebox door, there is a hole in them and beneath is hex bolt. I suppose they are not screwed to the correct position and your door is not closing enough to push the switch. Regarding the bulb I replaced mine with led and it is working...
  4. Creaking noise

    It is the front lower control arm bushings. They changed mine last year, now started to creak again on bumps, talked with the garage and they offered to grease them, but they said it is not always a fix. They said bushings are fine, just creaking in the cold mornings... I found when it is wet or...
  5. LED Headlights

    Mine have the same. What do you think about polishing them with a headlight kit? To me it looks like small dots caused from stones. Same what you see on the front windshield when you look to the sun.
  6. Annoying Rattle / Clicking from Rear (Interior)

    check the bolts that tighten the fuel reservoir. i had this issue. there was a clicking sound. you need to lift the car. or it could be the fuel pump making a noise. mine is quite hissing.
  7. climate control trim

    left is pre-facelift right is facelift both are not compatible due to different clip position
  8. Annoying Rattle / Clicking from Rear (Interior)

    I had similar issue, and spend a lot of time fixing the 5th door stoppers, lubricating everything... finally found to be the rear right C-column plastic not fixed well.. clipped it and everything was fine since then! Mine is ST though.
  9. New 67 Plate Leon - Rattles!

    After owning my first Seat I found the thing I have to examine when I buy new car is touching the plastics inside and listening for rattles during the test drive. I used to own a Kia Cee'd for 7 years before buy the Leon and for the 7 years of ownership I had only one rattle in the windshield...
  10. Flickering interior light (with video)

    my console is different than yours.
  11. Flickering interior light (with video)

    I screwed them a little, because they were too much unscrewed and when closing the box door the light was flickerring inside the glovebox, this in combination with wet weather forces the consolel lights to flicker. I am not sure how is this called, but I have faced the same effect when I...
  12. Flickering interior light (with video)

    I am not sure Seat have TSB about the issue, so the dealer usually changes the console. From my observation, after fixing the glovebox door stoppers I didn't face the issue anymore.
  13. Flickering interior light (with video)

    when you have flickering, try pushing the glovebox door, if the flickering stops, play with the glovebox stoppers, so when you close the door the lamp inside is off.
  14. Cupra 300 nightmare in the snow

    Try switch off the traction, but the wheels will spin and it will be worse. Better buy some winter tyres...
  15. Rattles/squeaking noise in the door area

    Do you have a facelift?
  16. Rattles/squeaking noise in the door area

    Used silentcoat but also used cheaper. all do the same... For example used this: https://www.silentcoat.co.uk/collections/silent-coat/products/silent-coat-2mm-mat-door-pack and this https://www.silentcoat.co.uk/collections/sound-absorber/products/silent-coat-absorber
  17. Rattles/squeaking noise in the door area

    Add sound-deading mats + sound-absorbing foam, this solved my rattling in the doors to 99%.
  18. Flickering interior light (with video)

    stoppers could be screwed or unscrewed with torx T15 or T20 in the hole.
  19. Rattles/squeaking noise in the door area

    Guys, I managed to fix almost all my rattles and squeaks. Only issue now are the A-pillars. When the car pass a potholes or rough road the A-pillars are rubbing with the dashboard and causing some squeaks, more obvious in the cold mornings. I have put for some time felts between them and the...
  20. Flickering interior light (with video)

    I think also the issue is related to the glovebox, play with the stoppers of the glovebox so when closed the light inside is off.
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