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  1. chris285

    Remap Advice

  2. chris285

    CUPRA has finally arrived!

    Have to say it looks nicer in black than I expected, but after my black mk1 I'm not sure I could again and IMO it looks better in red or white
  3. chris285

    downpipe fitting without another remap?

    Won't cause problems, but to get the full benefits you will need it mapping again
  4. chris285

    Is this a K1 or FR?

    Remap on the cupra will take it past the vxr, plus I thought the vxr brand was being dropped and going back to the gte? Could be wrong mind you S3 interior is nicer but not nice enough for me, plus most are 3 door and the exterior just does not do it for me plus haldex makes running costs...
  5. chris285


    I think it took a bit to get used to, but he says it's the best mod he has done
  6. chris285

    Is this a K1 or FR?

    Its possible I may look at a standard cupra, but then I'd be looking at the facelift with the nicer interior but I don't like the bumper so I'd want the kit on ASAP which puts it over my price range
  7. chris285


    a mate of mine who had a gtx28 on his LCR had one fitted and the difference was fantastic, it just grips now and is more impressive than the power he has if i'm honest. When he was stage 2 before it felt a little uncontrolled when giving it the berries, but no such feeling now it feels...
  8. chris285

    PD150 remapped - Clutch slip advice

    had stage 1 revo done on mine about 9months after getting, clutch slip after but as said i just drive around it and don't generally boot from low down. car has done 61k now as a guide
  9. chris285

    Is this a K1 or FR?

    interesting you say the new wheels are not as good quality wise, i assume the FL wheel is the same as the sports one you can get from the accessories brochure from the dealer? I'm going to be looking for a K1 next year myself and they do seem to be thin on the ground, but I am willing to...
  10. chris285

    Youngest LCR owner on this forum?

    insurance can be down to where you live though, my first car was a honda accord 2.0i ex at 19 and i paid less than 600quid insurance but the car was worth about a tenner cost of me going from my fr with mod's to a mk2 k1 is about 70quid when i asked, but i am 28 with 6yrs NCB edit - i was...
  11. chris285

    Best way to apply Poorboys Black Hole

    typical i see this now when i'm looking to get rid of my black leon :rolleyes:
  12. chris285

    jc_boc's new mk2 leon cupra BTCC - SOLD

    great looking car, pretty much the same plans i have when i get a k1 as well :)
  13. chris285

    Machine polishing - leaving behind problems

    thanks guys, tbh i'm not going overboard on the leon for now as i'm planning on getting rid in a few months and ketting a candy white k1. so for now i'm gonna just keep it clean, paintwork is in decent enough condition for age and milage apart from usual stone chips on the bonnet and a front...
  14. chris285

    Machine polishing - leaving behind problems

    gonna get myself on detailing world after christmas, from use i've like the meguirs stuff myself but i'm willing to give other stuff a go. just looking for a good starter kit despite not being a complete novice really
  15. chris285

    Massive accident in Indy Car - Brit Dan Wheldon killed

    Simple case of indycar is not a big sport over here, which is a shame as he was a big talent and as said never got the recognition over here but was a big star over in the states
  16. chris285

    Massive accident in Indy Car - Brit Dan Wheldon killed

    Tribute to Dan on Sky Sports 2 at 10pm this evening
  17. chris285

    Massive accident in Indy Car - Brit Dan Wheldon killed

    Seems like a few people have said this could be indycar's Senna event, something of such a tragic impact to the sport that it forces them to making major safety changes. Just a shame it normally takes something like this for it to happen
  18. chris285

    Massive accident in Indy Car - Brit Dan Wheldon killed

    from what i heard listening to the coverage the safety is beign improved for next season, but as someone said its come far too late in this situation
  19. chris285

    Massive accident in Indy Car - Brit Dan Wheldon killed

    RIP Dan Wheldon I switched over well after the race had been stopped, seemed ominous the way they were talking and it ended in the worst possible outcome and I still finding myself emotional over it. One of my old jobs involved working software support and Dans Dad was the owner of One of the...
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