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  1. IainW

    Car Seat Questions

    The Joie 360 is brilliant. We were going to get one that lasted to a higher age, but the girl in Mothercare advised us that the 360 was a better buy and she was right. Lots of legroom for our son and passengers now it's in forward facing mode. It was ok in rear facing for passengers, but I...
  2. IainW

    Seat Leon MK3 1.6tdi 105bhp owners?

    I had the same car as you, a 2007 170 TDi FR and went to the 1.2 TSi SC. I liked it for a while but had to upsize as we had started a family and got a 5 door with the same engine. Found it absolutely gutless with 3 people onboard and the baby seat and pram in it, so switched to the 1.6 TDi...
  3. IainW

    Siren woo noise

    Keep us posted. We've just bought a 2010 2.0 140 tdi for my wife at 75k miles and it does this, especially when going from 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th.
  4. IainW

    Leon SC baby seat in the back?

    I switched from the SC to the 5 door a few months after we found out we were expecting. After two weeks of having the baby in our lives, I know I made the right decision! As a tall guy, I knew that I would end with lots of bashed heads on the roof when loading and uploading! Would have liked an...
  5. IainW

    Leon MK 3 Tips and Tricks

    That's just the Seat way. Between myself, my Dad and my wife, I have had 4 Ibiza MK4s in the family and they all had different features or things missing! I've gone from a 63 Leon SC to a 15 5-door and haven't found too many differences mind you, apart from the cubby hole not being under the...
  6. IainW

    New Things you've Learned about your Leon...

    The car beeps and flashes a warning at you if you pull the handbrake in the snow......:whistle:
  7. IainW

    Miles per tank

    1.2 TSi SE. Best I've had so far over a two week spell. Includes a few long drives (50-100 miles) during the first week and a few days at work in the second.
  8. IainW

    so… how many from scotland?

    Shame you weren't looking a few months back. My old one got traded in at 6 years old with only 58k on the clock for a 57 plate!
  9. IainW

    When do the dials light up?

    Ahh. This would make sense why they dimmed when I went along a tree-lined road for about a mile the other day! :)
  10. IainW

    When do the dials light up?

    Sometimes I notice they light up when you don't have the headlights on and other times they aren't lit up at all. Does anyone know when they light up? It's just something I've noticed recently. I know I've not worded it very well!
  11. IainW

    Bikes in the boot

    What Car have managed a bike in the boot without even taking the wheel off: http://www.whatcar.com/car-news/april/1289670
  12. IainW

    Window tints

    Factory fitted option on the SC I think. Can't find my brochure to check. AC works fine. I've had 2 FRs before this, both with tints all round. I think that's why I'm noticing the difference.
  13. IainW

    Wiper question

    Mystery solved. That's been bugging me for a few weeks! Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  14. IainW

    Window tints

    I've got an SE with tinted rears, but it's still like an oven whenever the sun comes out. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  15. IainW

    Bikes in the boot

    Cheers, that looks good :) Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  16. IainW

    Bikes in the boot

    Sounds interesting. Any pics? :)
  17. IainW

    Bikes in the boot

    I haven't tried yet. I'm paranoid about scratching the bumper and the plastic lip like I did on the last car. I'm sure it'd fit in the SC though, as my old bike fitted in my Ibiza 3 door a few years back with the seats down and wheel off.
  18. IainW

    DAB Radio channel icons

    Very very useful thread. Cheers. :D
  19. IainW

    Roof bar mount

    So......ten months on. Has anyone else fitted roof bars yet? Especially to an SC, as I've only ever seen the brochure photos. I used to transport my MTB in the back of my MK2, but I don't want to do that with the new car, especially as the loading bay isn't as big I don't want to scuff the...
  20. IainW

    Mud Guards

    Definitely think I need to invest in a set. It's the one thing that annoys me about the car, it's just so easy to get it dirty! Got the car washed one day last week on a rare sunny dry afternoon, then the next day at work I noticed it had white splashes on the sills and rear end from the road...
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