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  1. Help! Gl;ovebox lid

    Back again! If anybody was looking into my problem, you can stop now, thanks. The obstruction was the centre fixing, a grotty plastic 'spike-in-the-hole' fixing, which had dropped out. I didn't trust it, so made my own fixing method, using another proper screw. Can't think why they used...
  2. Help! Gl;ovebox lid

    My glovebox lid has started to jam. It appears that the bottom lip is catching on a sort of 'catch looking' thing on the tray beneath. Looking at it via torch and mirror, I can't see how it could ever have worked without catching. Obviously, I could see more with the lid removed, but the...
  3. Can anyone help with paint code ??

    My book shows Brisa Blue as the only one it could be. (Unless it's been resprayed!). Also, I don't know how many 'variants' there are; I wanted a match from the wholesaler, but there were 15 variants, and he only had 8 chips to show me! So - a touch-up paint may not be as good a match as we...
  4. Drive seat of Ibiza support failed

    I'm no expert, but it looks to me as if you've lost one or more springs from the side of the back support frame (or whatever it's called. If so, stuffing more sponge in the gap won't do any good. There should be three or four springs each side, so I'd have a count before resorting to...
  5. Accessing and changing the Power Steering Fluid

    The fact that our steering is electrically driven won't make any difference - it's still hydraulic assistance, and the pump doesn't know or care what's driving it.
  6. vehicle speed sensor fault

    Unless I'm missing something, surely it can't be the crank sensor - that would give different speed indications for different gears?
  7. Rear geometry

    I don't think you can, except by replacing worn bushes etc., as it doesn't seem to have any adjustments. Of course, I sit to be corrected!
  8. Ibiza front Speaker wires

    From what I've seen, the 'spare' two terminals are to feed the mid/tweeters
  9. Wiring directly to battery

    Whether you attach it to the battery, or one of the main fuses, include an 'inline' fuse, and remember that the fuse must match the size of wire. (You want the fuse to blow before the wire!)
  10. upgrading steels to alloy wheels

    The tyre makers used to supply 'revs per mile' figures for the various tyres. If they still do, this would be the most accurate way to compare them. (I suppose it'd be 'revs per km' now)
  11. Turbo overhaul deal

    Thanks for that! Ted
  12. Front washer pipe

    I think heatshrink would be fine, but you have to avoid getting it too hot, or the pipe suffers.
  13. Turbo overhaul deal

    Excuse my ignorance, gents, but a hybrid turbo, to me, is one with a built-in electric motor. I sense that this isn't what is being mentioned here. Can someone put me straight, please?
  14. No reverse light

    Disconnect the switch, and, with ignition on, connect the two wires. If the light works, the switch is u/s, if not, it's the wiring.
  15. Dealers eh?!!!

    Nah! It was "Press 1 for Service" then - "Sorry we're unable..... etc". I left messages three times, but they didn't get back to me. To say I'm not impressed is my typically polite understatement - a lot of people would mention a brewery:-)
  16. Dealers eh?!!!

    I got the impression that they realised their mistake before stripping. I did leave a message (you can't get to speak to the service dept direct), suggesting that they could get the correct kit, as it was still quite early in the day, and bash on with the job as booked. No reply!
  17. Dealers eh?!!!

    Alas, techically (and legally) they're entitled to it - they did carry out the service. My grouse is that this was the bit I'd have done myself if it hadn't been going in for the belt job. Now I still have to make rather complicated arrangements (It's a long story!) in order for it to go in again.
  18. Dealers eh?!!!

    I've always done my own servicing (except under guarantee), but my cambelt was overdue, and I was warned off doing it by the female members, due to ill health. So - over to the dealer (Snows, Poole), and I thought "While they're at it, they might as well do a service". At home, thinking...
  19. parking sensor retrofit

    Mine are in the bumper, look OK to my poor old eyes, and I didn't take the bumper off - drilled from outside, worked through the large inner holes. Incidentally, I picked up the reversing light wiring, and transferred it into the boot via spring contacts and striker plate fitted into the...
  20. Knocking on front end finally cured :)

    My question about the traction control was because I have a suspicion that it may 'boggle' on full lock at slow speeds, because of the big difference in wheel speeds. I haven't tried full lock at anything like 100mph :-)
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