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  1. Hawkers

    Exhaust gasses smell after DPF delete

    Sounds like a diesel isn't for you if you found the need to remove the DPF. What kind of journeys were you doing?
  2. Hawkers

    Cupra loosing boost pressure randomly

    Hopefully they can pressure test the air intake and the boost pipes, if any leaks then smoke they pump round will show where the leak is.
  3. Hawkers

    Cupra loosing boost pressure randomly

    See if a garage can do a smoke test for you.
  4. Hawkers

    Questioning whether there's really a point to owning a performance car these days?

    Do some track days then you won't care about having fun on the road anymore.
  5. Hawkers

    Air Con "hiss"

    You've got a leak in the system and that is your gas escaping. Common place is the front mounted condenser where a stone has pierced it causing a hole.
  6. Hawkers

    Installation - MIB2 Stereo Sat Nav DAB UNIT

    Did you buy the screen and glovebox unit off ebay? Was the full link activated? Did the units require any extra coding to your vehicle?
  7. Hawkers

    Rear washer squirting under drivers dashboard

    Washer bottle is passenger side. Check under the bonnet for pipes going across the car from the passenger footwell.
  8. Hawkers

    Leon Leak

    Is the insulation under the bonnet in a good state? Are the drainage holes clear around the wiper area?
  9. Hawkers

    Seat Leon 184 TDI Belt Whine

    No it hasn't come back fingers crossed of course. It was this year he had it done though and is a 16 plate. They initially changed something (tensioner maybe?) and it kept doing it. He then went back and they changed the whole cambelt etc.
  10. Hawkers

    Seat Leon 184 TDI Belt Whine

    One of my colleagues had this problem and he had a new cambelt and tensioners under warranty. It took SEAT a couple of times to get it right and would only happen on a cold start.
  11. Hawkers

    Cupra 300ST cluster spelling error?

    See if you can reject the car, or realise there are worse things to worry about!
  12. Hawkers

    Seat Leon FR (SC) - Issue starting from cold

    Sometimes my 184 starts straight away. Sometimes it fires for a couple seconds and then starts, never not started though.
  13. Hawkers

    Tyre pressures

    The pressures aren't checked at all, it is the rotation of the wheel. Definitely have a good check on the tyre though for anything stuck in it. I had to get a puncture repair done on a tyre couple of weeks ago when it beeped at me and saw a nail in the tyre, I was loosing pressure though.
  14. Hawkers

    Please help

    It's probably a requirement from their lawyers in case you trap someone in and they die, you know how silly the world is.
  15. Hawkers

    Please help

    Safe lock means be aware of locking the car when people are still inside the car as the deadlocks will prevent people inside opening the doors in case of emergency.
  16. Hawkers

    FR seat creaking

    The whole car interior creaks, they all do that sir.
  17. Hawkers

    SEAT Leon Cupra 290 (MK3) 2019 Review

    Rocking a OnePlus 3 here and rapid all the time.
  18. Hawkers

    The sound thats making me go insane

    Can't hear anything myself.
  19. Hawkers

    Anyone else get floatiness?

    Is this when cornering, as it could be the electronic torque management (XDS) braking inside front wheels which seems to make the steering wheel go lighter and turn easier into the corner if you're pressing on.
  20. Hawkers

    2.0TSI CCZB FR MK2 Power loss (Whistle) GFB+?

    4k is around peak boost to be honest then does drop off. Does the whistle sound like this from your intake?
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