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  1. Bendy

    Estate Foam

    I believe the part number for just the foam is 5F9 012 109 B. This is according to the diagram here: https://seat.7zap.com/en/e/leon+leon+4/le/2015-754/0/011-11040/#1 When I got my Leon ST it only came with puncture repair kit. So I bought a genuine Seat spare wheel and built up a tool kit for...
  2. Bendy

    Turbo actuator

    Sorry, I don't have any answers to your questions. Just out of interest though, have you had the car remapped? It is high mileage? Cheers.
  3. Bendy

    Bike carriers?

    Another vote for Thule 598's here. There are still some of the older model 591's floating around, personally I find the 598 better. It has a preset tensioner in the ratchet so you can't over tighten it on a carbon frame, and the bottom frame clamping arm has an extra 'bit' that makes it far...
  4. Bendy

    Air filter

    I would just stick with the OEM filter. The money you save on a performance one, you can put towards fitting a new OEM one every year. That's what I do.
  5. Bendy

    silica grain in the header tank

    Genuine question, not really understanding why you are recommending replacing the header tank and draining and then refilling some coolant when the bag can simply be removed?
  6. Bendy

    silica grain in the header tank

    I have a 184 TDI FR. Specialist VAG garage removed my silica bag during service last year, after advising me that they can split and cause blocked heater matrix and expensive repairs. Just remove the bag and forget about it.
  7. Bendy

    Removing silicone bag from coolant?

    After the manufacturer warranty expired on my Leon, I have started taking it to VAG specialist instead of Seat for servicing. On the first service they had it in for, they removed the bag from my coolant bottle and explained the potential problems it can cause (bag splits, blocks heater matrix...
  8. Bendy

    Noisy/harsh rear suspension on a 65 plate ST

    I have a 65 plate 184 ST FR and it had noisy rear shocks. They would knock / rattle when I went over speed bumps or drains etc. Both rears shocks were inspected and replaced under warranty last year. Been perfectly fine and quiet ever since. On a side note, 39psi may be what it says in the fuel...
  9. Bendy

    Fan jet retrofit issues

    I purchased the genuine parts from Beadles VW on ebay and have had no problems since install. Great little upgrade.
  10. Bendy

    Leon ST FR Tech Pack 2.0 TDI 184

    No problem mate, I think everyone has been affected in one way or another. Sorry you are having issues with the new car!
  11. Bendy

    Leon ST FR Tech Pack 2.0 TDI 184

    Quick update on the car. It is still for sale, current mileage has just gone over 53,000. I forgot to add in the original listing this is a manual and is in the £30 per year tax bracket. Since first listing it and during lockdown, work for me got extremely busy, including time away from home...
  12. Bendy

    Leon ST FR Tech Pack 2.0 TDI 184

  13. Bendy

    When do we think dealers will reopen?

    Are you willing to open up that offer to military personnel and other key workers who have worked throughout the pandemic? And if so, is that across all approved used vehicles, such as a Cupra Ateca I have my eye on at Citygate Reading Seat?
  14. Bendy

    Leon ST FR Tech Pack 2.0 TDI 184

    2015 ‘65’ Seat Leon ST 2.0 TDI 184 FR Technology. Registered November 2015, purchased by me July 2018 from Seat main dealer. Paid cash, no outstanding finance. Services carried out: November 16 - 14,958 miles, Arnold Clark Seat October 17 – 25,560 miles, Arnold Clark Seat July 18 – 32,063...
  15. Bendy

    Cupra Wheels fit on my FR?

    High end sports car :happy: (sorry that made me chuckle)
  16. Bendy

    99 Ron Fuel

    I have been away with work for over 4 months at a time, and the car has run perfectly fine when I get home.
  17. Bendy

    New FR 184 ST dsg possibly

    I have a 2.0 TDI 184 ST. Its manual, so can't comment on DSG. I did test drive a 150 and 184 back to back before buying. In my experience, the 184 was noticeably quicker and more powerful. So bought the 184 and never looked back. £30 road tax and 50mpg, handles and goes well, ST so practical...
  18. Bendy

    Where to go for Cam Belt change

    Thanks for the replies. My previous car was a Ford Kuga, the cambelt change interval was 10 years / 150k miles. We've still got a Focus in the household now, and the manual says 10 years / 125k miles. I have never had a car prior to my Leon that has had the belts changed this soon. I do...
  19. Bendy

    Where to go for Cam Belt change

    I know it is a topic of debate, but to me this seems quite early for the dealership to be saying it needs a cambelt. This is my first Seat, but most previous cars I've had its been 10 years / 120,000 miles or similar. I have a 65 plate (registered November 2015) Leon 2.0 184 TDI with 51k...
  20. Bendy

    Five reasons why you SHOULDN'T buy an SUV...

    Surely you can apply the same logic to a Cupra. Nobody needs 300bhp, they are a luxury item. So should we hammer those for tax too? As for affordability, in my experience, most people lease cars now precisely because they can't afford to buy them (that's across all cars, SUV's etc.).
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