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  1. CUPRA ST rear brake noise

    Hi All, We got our ST last November and over the last few months with only 4K on the clock I’ve noticed a lot of noise under moderate braking from 60mph and above. It’s like a slight resonance and hum and it’s starting to drive me mad. The discs look slightly pitted to me. What’s my best...
  2. Hubs rusting already

    I’ve noticed the silver paint on the hubs has been eroded already due to high pressure washing leaving light rust on the steel. Anyone else had this and can it be easily repainted? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    1: small fits comfortably. Even if you install paddle extenders. 2: buy the steering wheel protector. It’s like a pair of stretchy knickers for your wheel. Search for Disklok steering wheel cover... 3: is expect to pay between £100 - £120 new. It’s great. If the bag for the boot doesn’t...
  4. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    3000 miles. No issues to report.
  5. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    @Betts-4 really pleased you finally got it. Pics please!
  6. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Occasionally I wear my wife’s if I’m taking the bin out. Being leopard print I’m glad I didn’t. [emoji249]
  7. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    The only flag is on the front grille. There aren’t any graphics on the infotainment or virtual cockpit suggesting Cupra although that may be changeable with Carista etc. The Cupra logo is from eBay. Oh, and if you’re not buying a ghost, get a Disklock or vice-versa. Better still get both.
  8. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Gratuitous steering wheel shot for you guys with incoming cars! The extenders are an improvement over the tiny standard paddles.
  9. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Ok thanks guys. Appreciated.
  10. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    What are they like and where are they from please? After 2600 miles I’ve decided the original paddles are too small. Do these move / flex when pulled?
  11. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    That’s good news. I hope it’s everything you wanted after such a crazy wait.
  12. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    They must be expecting stock in to quite that. Unless they’re lying to you. Expect it to return 20mpg and amaze other road users as you plant it off the line in the rain, for it to put its power down with no fuss whenever you want it. Oh, and buy and use a Disklock, religiously and park...
  13. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Evening all. I swear after 2k mikes even the OPF exhaust is getting louder. It def rasps on the overrun and farts a little when still a bit cold at higher rpm
  14. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    It’s a great shade of silver for sure.
  15. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    What’s with the grey polystyrene insulation at the rear of the wing which is visible when the driver’s door is open near the hinge. I can’t ‘un-see’ this cheap recycling box-ticking eco-solution now! Sorry, you’ll see it now I’ve said.
  16. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    I’ll just leave this here... That was a fairly spirited drive. After nearly 1500 miles since 15th Nov, we are averaging 21mpg. It gets driven 50/50 by my wife and I and she gives it a little bit of hammer every so often. It doesn’t spend much time on a motorway. If it was mine I reckon...
  17. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    My dealer reckons it’s the front assist and active cruise which lowers the premium. I’m not saying I think that, but he could be on to something.
  18. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Get it locked down with a disklok
  19. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    The irony and bad timing of posts like this... https://www.seat-mediacenter.com/storiespage/newstories/A-choreography-in-the-factory.html
  20. Dreaded damp windows- Suddenly.

    Same here after no wash but regular use. The car was full of passengers too. So that, plus the increased relative humidity and cold morning air and you’ve got a heavy layer of moisture to dry before you can move off.
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