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  1. dieselface

    Mk4 cupra leon - could it be 4 drive?

    Assuming this is a genuine leak you can presume the power plants for the MK4 will be the same. https://uk.motor1.com/news/393954/next-gen-golf-gti-horsepower/ GTD 200PS (FR?) GTI & GTE 245PS (Cupra Leon / Forementor) GTI TCR 300PS (Cupra Leon?) R 333PS (Cupra R?) All speculative of course.
  2. dieselface

    Newbie Cupra Lux owner in town

    We must have got the same deal as that's what I'm bombing about in too :drool:
  3. dieselface

    Cupra shopping tomorrow, 280 or 290?

    Yes the 280 is my old car. Owned from new (factory order) from Sept 15 until July 18 - it was VT'd and handed over to BCA in July. "Few" details for you - Ordered 31st May 2015, build week 31 - It's a model year 16 unit with the following "options" (as they were at the time). * Black line...
  4. dieselface

    Cupra shopping tomorrow, 280 or 290?

    As the 280 is my old car. Just let me know if you have any questions about it. :wave:
  5. dieselface

    Auto flappy paddle

    Looks like GB bodies are getting the wrong build spec assigned at factory (due to there being more than one car affected). Remember this is a perfectly normal spec for none GB bodies as indicated by Kjimi. Suspect why it's passed quality control at martorell - physical build matches spec sheet...
  6. dieselface

    Anyone thinking of selling their Cupra 280?

    Mines sat at a dealer and up for £18k. FDSH / MY16 / 21k miles. Was well looked after....Wouldn't pay 18k for it though!!
  7. dieselface

    Cupra 300 Recall..?

    As walone as already said in this thread. Sounds like this. See original thread: https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/attention-anyone-due-to-collect-new-car.444013/
  8. dieselface

    Seat police cars........... in Italy!

    https://www.seat.com/corporate/news/corporate/seat-leon-fleet-italian-police.html TDI's!
  9. dieselface

    Brand new Cupra - peeling paintwork or what?

    Secondary damage at point of fit. Get the claim raised asap and within 3 months of build so martorell are charged for it.
  10. dieselface

    Some new CUPRA Ateca Pictures

    I've asked and had no response. I was dead set on ordering following the launch info and Autogefuhl vids. Hypes a bit flat now. However my deal is up... I had to pull the trigger so snapped up the Audi S4 cheap lease deal a few weeks back. Will be odd for sure after 3 Leon's.
  11. dieselface

    Some Engines Removed From Ordering

    Scrogg - Heard anything about Cupra 300 manual to be rebranded back to 290 following the added GPF to the engine for WLTP/E6D?
  12. dieselface

    Alcantara Seats

    This issue has been going on a while - been widely discussed on the following forums (need Google translate) https://www.seat-leon.de/vboard/showthread.php?119051-Lieferschwierigkeiten-Alcantara http://octavia-rs.com/index.php/thread/26257-alcantara-im-konfigurator
  13. dieselface

    Date for my19 build

    Yeah all VAG brand model year 19 is build week 31 this year (instead of usual 22) due to the engine reg changes. In fairness lots of manufacturers struggling with it this year. You should be good for a week 27/28 order and Seat will confirm order date for MY19. If you get an early order you...
  14. dieselface

    Leon SC - No seat trim options?

    There is an issue with Alcantara supply for SEAT at the moment. Might be one of the reasons.
  15. dieselface

    Cupra Leather seats?

    Answered your own question. Full leather didn't feature the logo - much to the annoyance of some on here as I remember the brochure had a picture with the logo on. Standard Alcantara had logo on front and rear seats and this has now been limited to fronts only.
  16. dieselface

    Leon Cupra ST 370 (by ABT)

    Tipped off by the German forums to this. SEAT Switzerland/ABT presented a special edition of the Leon Cupra ST at Geneva with some Cupra R items transferred. Don't expect to see this in the UK. Interestingly the Copper alloys from R/RST/Ateca also come in diamond cut. As with all these...
  17. dieselface

    Changes to MK3 Cupra

    USB port moved from glove box to centre console (from 2016) originally in glove box Screen size 5.8 to 6.5 (increased PPI) from 2016 Rear centre arm rest as standard from 2016 (I think) Alcantara door cards from facelift Full link module added Additional middle muffler deleted from 290 onwards...
  18. dieselface

    1.4 FR is incredible but.....

    http://www.seat-mediacenter.es/newspage/allnews/company/2018/El-presidente-de-SEAT-Luca-de-Meo-anticipa-las-novedades-de-la-compania-a-traves-de-una-videoconferencia-por-Internet.html Half way down confirms its coming to Leon FR at Geneva. Based on time of year... Expect a MY19 launch?
  19. dieselface

    New MK3 Leon CUPRA R Confirmed

    Some real life pics: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfgaSIVhR89/ and https://www.instagram.com/p/BfgZZhLBzP9/
  20. dieselface

    FR/FR Technology

    Nearly. The Tech pack became a SEAT UK free of charge addition in Q2 of FY13 - pretty sure this was on SE and FR. Prior to this it launched in the UK under an off of £500 from the beginning of MK3 production. Fleet/Motability were excluded from the offer until SEAT UK listed the trim with...
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