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  1. ibiza_95

    Audi S3 GT3582R stroker Build (previously GT3071r)

    You can buy a 2 pack laquer off tinterweb, may be worth a shot since its meant to be fuel resistant? I Laquered my engine bay with it and the parts that couldnt be powder coated and sets like concrete
  2. ibiza_95

    Got my body back..........!

    Absolutely amazing! Followed this thread for years!
  3. ibiza_95

    Mk3 dashboard

    i dont know personally... they may even share the same fuse box tbf in which case itll be unplug from one and plug in the other... but again thats just guessing...
  4. ibiza_95

    Mk3 dashboard

    yea mk3 dash fits in the mk2 as a straight swap 'fitment' wise but wiring is different... also youll need to change the door cards so they match the lines of the dash
  5. ibiza_95

    Engine Oil Breather rocker cover

    here you are mate
  6. ibiza_95

    Engine Oil Breather rocker cover

    yea thats about it tbh mate, its the same engine as a vw one so that may be easier to help you find the right type of photo... this sounds like youre talking about an 8v engine so the engine codes will be 2E and AGG
  7. ibiza_95

    No heat from blowers

    potentially the thermostat is faulty? does it over heat at all?
  8. ibiza_95

    R1 Carb ABF Ibiza Sport GTi tacho

    i did the same conversion on a mk1 golf mate, same mk2 16v ignition system etc... im presuming here that you are using an old style coil to provide the spark along the lines of: http://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00AButQPFClybs/Wet-Ignition-Coil-for-Lucas-Type.jpg in which case you get the tacho...
  9. ibiza_95

    1.8 20VT MK2 Ibiza Conversion GT2871RS

    cheers mate :) It should be seeing a few changes soon aswell but all kept under wraps
  10. ibiza_95

    Help!!!! Alloy wheel refurb gone wrong!

    but leave it to go rock hard before you do or itll all get worse!
  11. ibiza_95

    Half F2 rally car half road car - Ibiza 16v

    what did you pay for it if you dont mind me asking?? It was on ebay not long ago and i messaged the guy and he wanted £800 for it which to me seemed a bit steep for a car with no V5
  12. ibiza_95

    1.8 20VT MK2 Ibiza Conversion GT2871RS

    yes mate, doesnt get driven much tho
  13. ibiza_95

    need help choosing a seat subframe

    mk4 polo subframe fits :D
  14. ibiza_95

    need help with horn

  15. ibiza_95

    need help with horn

    There you go mate, picture paints a thousand words and all that... Connect that copper tab to a switch and the other side of the switch to earth and thats your new horn... Better still if you can trace the wire that feeds the copper tab you can tap into that... usually you have to cover the bit...
  16. ibiza_95

    need help with horn

    there are no obvious wires for the horn, theres a metal tab thats attached to the steering column on the plastic indicator shroud, thats one side of the circuit, the other side is the steering column itself which the horn earths through... So really what you need to do is trace the wire back...
  17. ibiza_95

    arch rubbing

    did you get the wheel balanced afterwards? Could also be the bearing tbf if its took a knock it may have mashed the bearing up a bit
  18. ibiza_95

    Audi S3 GT3582R stroker Build (previously GT3071r)

    scary the extent thats possible to get a copy to look like the real thing!
  19. ibiza_95

    F2 front and rear bumpers

    i dont mean to be pedantic but...
  20. ibiza_95


    weldings all well and good, but you need to actually reinforce it, if you look at where it stresses when you depress the clutch, a few fillets here and there to help distribute the force serves a much better fix
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