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  1. Hybrid turbo for pd 150 ?

    cheers for the info
  2. Hybrid turbo for pd 150 ?

    Thinking about getting a hybrid turbo for my leon pd 150 not looking for silly power maybe 210 220 bhp Mark. Would I be better off doing a service exchange on my turbo for a hybrid unit or can I buy the hybrid core and have it fitted to my turbo to save some penny's my car has been stage 1...
  3. Leon mk 1 fr tdi

    It's just for the sound of it I suppose
  4. Leon mk 1 fr tdi

    I have a remapped pd 150 mk 1 leon and would like the popcorn rev limiter mod is this something that can be turned on with the remap I have or will the car need remapping again ?
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