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  1. dainott2105

    what have you done to your car today ?

    Aint been on here for ages as the leon has been parked up while im deciding what to do with it and think im going to strip it down and possibly a track day car so the sounds have to go. This means that the next few days im going to be stripping amps and wiring out from under the false boot floor...
  2. dainott2105

    Wiring guide!!

    Cheers a great guide il be using this for my oil temp
  3. dainott2105

    Waterpump failure "ESTIMATED" mileage?

    mine was 55k and as above if you stay 40mph and keep the revs down can get home. Have the TT metal bladed one now and also changed the belt same time.
  4. dainott2105

    Horizontal intercooler?

    I will be keeping an eye on the thread salsheikh. I dont want to lose the fogs so could be an option. Biggest issue i have is getting rid of the pancake pipe and presume thats why most people are routing the pipe out of the otherside of the intercooler. You been able to measure up to see if you...
  5. dainott2105

    Horizontal intercooler?

    How much was that intercooler kit mate as want one for mine but want to keep the spots in the LCR front bumper i have fitted?
  6. dainott2105

    Where to get paint for my black LCR?

    Look at the sticker on the on the boot floor (under the boot carpet) and this will give you the paint code (along with all the codes for the extras your car had fitted) and i know that my missus mk2 leon uses the same paint code as my black magic mk1 so think the dealers have that wrong.
  7. dainott2105

    Twin intercoolers on LC

    I have the LCR intercoolers at home if your interested. Bought them but never got around to fitting them. Not sure what pipework is there but if your interested then il open the box up and see whats there? Just PM me if your interested
  8. dainott2105


    Anyone got any ideas on this one then? My post above i am relating to
  9. dainott2105

    new engine bay pics

    Looks stunning mate fair play. Love the white engine cover and wish i had seen that before painting mine silver :(.
  10. dainott2105

    URGENT!!! need help removing rear window

    Sorry im so late replying mate im on shifts so in work now. Mine were electric but cant see it making any difference (if anything easier as i could adjust once i had removed the panel) With the panel off if you wind down the window little by little you will find that there is a certain...
  11. dainott2105

    L shaped rear headrest

    No probs and yea i would presume that they aint going to change the design for the other spec leons (just possibly material. Was thinking that you could remove the material off the mk2 headrests if you wanted and unpick them and would give yout the templates to replace the material with...
  12. dainott2105

    Lost my car keys

    If it was me mate i would phone up one of the key cover insurance companies and get my keys covered for £25 for the year JUST INCASE i lost my keys just after taking out the cover which would be very very unlucky ;)
  13. dainott2105

    L shaped rear headrest

    Hey mate i know that the rear mk2 leon FR ones (which are like above) will fit straight in the mk1 seats headrest holes (I have a set in the house and tried it). Just the material is obviously different so up to you if you want to live with that or retrim.
  14. dainott2105

    Will a leon cupra k1 sport 6 speed gear knob fit a leon mk1?

    Done it on mine, but aint got a photo to post and to dark out there :). Easy enough to do just dont be scared of the gaiter surround, just needs a bit of force for the clips to give in and then its up to you whether you use the plastic clip to hold the top of the gaiter or a cable tie. I much...
  15. dainott2105

    URGENT!!! need help removing rear window

    Same thing happened to me mate. Had a piece of wood holding the window closed for about 2 months cos i had a gutsful of not being able to do it. You have a choice mate you can either have another go when your head stops bouncing or can remove the rivets from the lock mechanism and that will...
  16. dainott2105

    Lets see your bum

    latest one of mine
  17. dainott2105

    URGENT!!! need help removing rear window

    That large white clip has a plastic pin in the middle of it that you have to push out to remove the glass. The glass has a hole in in that this plastic pin goes through to hold the glass and if you look it has a smaller split pin inside it that holds it in place. It no to difficult to remove it...
  18. dainott2105

    advice on leon fr diesel?

    I have a FR TDI mate (well its the missus) and go well if a bit noisy compared to the 1.9 diesel engine (2.0 in the FR). Decent on juice (dont expect it to be doing 70 mpg especially if your gunning it!). Ride is VERY harsh and if your gonna buy one first thing is change the suspension...
  19. dainott2105

    Which are 200bhp and which are 240bhp?

    lol i knew it would become a bit more complicated than FR 200 and cupra 240, but thats what makes us research the hell out of these cars :). Cheers all i will just keep looking now until the right one comes along now or hope my numbers come in and a brand spanker will be on the drive next to...
  20. dainott2105

    Which are 200bhp and which are 240bhp?

    magic cheers for that
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