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  1. Scottish Members

    Yeah it's Good mate, Just looking to make a few subtle changes to make it my own ;) How are you enjoying the car?
  2. Scuttle panel removal

    Still a fair price to pay for Seat's poor design.
  3. Scuttle panel removal

    You are a lucky man then lol mines is horrible so I think I will need a replacement soundproofing. I am thinking of just using tiger seal on the scuttle panel when fittin back on.
  4. brake upgrade

    What car where your Brembo callipers removed from?
  5. brake upgrade

    what brembos are they?? I have a set of those sitting from a 406 coupe and was going to fit them on my saxo but they look good on your car. would you be willing to make another set of carriers for cash? thanks.
  6. Scuttle panel removal

    As said above, was not fitted/designed very well from factory. Mine is also leaking and have yet to get it sorted. I am thinking of removing and re-sealing using tiger seal but then you have the problem of removing again in the future if needed.
  7. New SEAT owner in Scotland!!

    Thanks mate :)
  8. Scottish Members

    Yeah my mate has a mk1 LCR and its great fun but not very economical lol surely what you miss in the LCR the fr compinsates in technology and comfort? and still fast.
  9. Scottish Members

    Happy birthday mate!!! (yesterday) lol how's the car then?
  10. Newbie again :) but I'll be a good one SKILLATURBOS CUPRA TDI

    Welcome to the forum mate. Get posting then so we can all see the car :)
  11. Guide to updating RNS310 Firmware

    ok thanks very much for looking I will keep my eyes open cheers.
  12. New SEAT owner in Scotland!!

    Haha it is tempting but the leon is my daily and has to be practical for my new born baby and work. would a stage 2 map be impractical ? :) lol
  13. New old member

    No you can just change the silencer but then it deletes your silencer as the cupra is just a straight pipe at the rear I am sure. Also the bore will be different from the FR and cupra so you would need a stepped sleeve or just get a full system. I was quoted £360 from down pipe back custom made...
  14. How to - Gloss Black Pillar Covers - Day 1

    Yeah it would be good to see some photos up for a better understanding if admin could do this??
  15. looking at buying FR+ 170

    I am sure the service intervals are 120k for the CEGA engines. This is what the manual States anyway lol but would be better changer sooner rather than later. Watch out for water ingress at bonnet between plastic panel and bonnet. Under bonnet sound deadening will be mouldy if water is getting in.
  16. Leon mk2 sidelight bulb

    Just pulls out. Really easy, try gripping the bulb holder with a cloth for grip. There is no twisting needed for the sidelights. The DRL,s however you need to twist the holder 90 degrees and then pull out. If you are still having difficulty try a set of long nose pliers on the bulb holder. This...
  17. New old member

    Welcome back mate. You should get the cupra r rear diffuser then just change the rear silencer. I thought all the FL FR's came with the Ibera alloys?
  18. New SEAT owner in Scotland!!

    I know what you mean. Do I get DPF and EGR removed and get exhaust and remap? Or turbo the saxo and leave the leon standard for now :/ decisions decisions.
  19. New SEAT owner in Scotland!!

    Was it a mk1 LCR you had? I know what you mean with the modding bug. I have a mk2 saxo and have spent stupid money on it lol.
  20. What did you and your MK2 do today?

    Hi mate :) Are you going to be wrapping the tail lights to get the glossy finish or are they aftermarket lights?
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