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  1. Matty_mk6FR

    Speaker quality

    I was always under the impression Skoda were designed to be the “poorest”, then seat, VW and Audi, however Skoda seems to be closer to VW standard
  2. Matty_mk6FR

    Speaker quality

    Couldn’t agree more! To look at, it is a gorgeous car, however I can’t help but feel like they’ve let the car down with using cheap materials. The rattles are endless, and the main gripe I’ve got about the car is the fact the rear windows are wind down. The price gap between the Ibiza FR and the...
  3. Matty_mk6FR

    Speaker quality

    Has anyone had any issues with the standard speakers in the FR? I’ve had mine just over 18 months and the rear passenger speaker has blown. When I took it into the dealer, they told me it needed replacing however the lead time was around 2 weeks for the replacement. However, when driving around...
  4. Matty_mk6FR

    Second year service

    My Ibiza FR is due it’s “2nd year service” as it’s nearing 20,000 miles. I’m just curious as to what is actually done in the ‘interim’ service. I know it isn’t classed as a major service but more of a middle ground between the minor and major services
  5. Matty_mk6FR

    Speaker blown

    Not yet, as the whole of the UK is in lockdown mode I haven’t been able to! It’s due a service in 500 mile so was planning on flagging it up to the dealer then. I didn’t realise the wiring would need altering, I had just assumed the head unit would be a simple swap to the beats one, thanks!
  6. Matty_mk6FR

    Speaker blown

    So worth the upgrade then? How much did it cost?
  7. Matty_mk6FR

    Speaker blown

    The passenger side speaker in the back of my 2018 FR has blown. Has anyone had any issues with the speakers before? I’ve had the car around 18 months, and always thought that the speakers were fairly poor quality. Even after setting the equaliser up, I couldn’t get rid of the door rattles when...
  8. Matty_mk6FR

    A year in..

    I’ve had my 95PS FR for just over a year now, and thought I’d give my opinion for anyone who’s interested.. it’s a gorgeous car to look at, I went for the monsoon grey with 18 inch alloys originally, however when they swapped to magnetic grey I wasn’t a fan, so opted for mystery blue instead...
  9. Matty_mk6FR

    Car been delayed

    I had a nightmare with my FR 95! I ordered a monsoon grey with a fair few options on the 29th April 2018, then by mid June my seat dealership estimated delivery for September. Then a few weeks later I was told the Seat factory was shutting for 3 weeks so my car was put back to mid September...
  10. Matty_mk6FR

    Cold Start

    Is anyone else having issues with the car on a cold start? If left overnight, my mk6 FR infotainment screen sometimes freezes up when started up, and will stay locked up until the car is turned off for more than a minute. As well as that, when pulling away while the car is cold, the revs flicker...
  11. Matty_mk6FR

    Armrest in New Ibiza

    Just got my Ibiza FR back from the seat dealership, an hour and a half of waiting for it to be fitted! Paid £170 for the armrest itself and fitting, as the bloke over the phone claims ‘its very tricky to fit’ and I don’t have the time or the tools to do it myself. On the bright side, my...
  12. Matty_mk6FR

    Carista for Ibiza Mk6 (2018)

    You can do this through the infotainment screen, under vehicle settings
  13. Matty_mk6FR

    18” Optional Rims

    Only thing is, coming direct from SEAT themselves they’re asking for £600 a corner... was hoping for some used but good condition ones, possibly refurbed.
  14. Matty_mk6FR

    18” Optional Rims

    I’ve got a mk6 68 plate FR, with the 18” seat accessory wheels fitted. Just wondering if anyone knows anywhere I can buy the 18” optional wheels as I prefer them, however it’s like trying to find a 5 legged horse at the minute
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