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  1. Woody_72

    2009 6J Ibiza Cupra Oil and Misfire Problems:(

    Where are you based? You definitely need to scan for codes and see what's showing.
  2. Woody_72

    ESP and TPMS lights permanently on - Leon FR PD170 2008

    Just had a Google and I'd try behind the glove box or the lower dash under the steering wheel. It looks to be about an inch cubed in size, and possibly with a gold anodised steel band around it 🤔.
  3. Woody_72

    SEAT Leon MK3 flexible boot liner (fits five door and SC)

    I'd have bitten your hand off for this but you're a good 180 miles away 🙁.
  4. Woody_72

    The only benefit of smart motorways.. Not bad for a Cupra!

    I'll stick with my diesel, averaged 64 MPG on a 300 mile, mostly motorway, round trip for work last year :p.
  5. Woody_72

    what have you done to your car today ?

    Only if it spins the main shaft. You can clamp the shaft as hard as you absolutely can with vice grips first which helps get the nut back on. They're very hard steel with a hard chrome coating so it doesn't even mark them (in my personal experience anyhow).
  6. Woody_72

    H&R Wheel Spacer Group Buy

    Hi Damian, I'd be interested in the standard set (12mm and 15mm?). You can put my name down :D.
  7. Woody_72

    what have you done to your car today ?

    Replaced the caliper carrier bolts after doing my front brakes the other day.
  8. Woody_72

    Brake upgrade on 2.0tdi

    Terminology, schmerminology 😄. Either way, it'll make a cool project!
  9. Woody_72

    Brake upgrade on 2.0tdi

    When you say 'hub carrier' do you mean steering knuckle? If you do, replacing them isn't a massive job but you'd need to find a donor car at a breakers and you'd need a front wheel alignment afterwards. You'd also need to bleed the new calipers and you might need new rubber brake lines if the...
  10. Woody_72

    1.9TDI FR 150 Emissions Test MoT Fail Advice

    I recently ran a full can of Liqui Moly diesel injector cleaner through mine and it feels a lot perkier. Remember that the better the injectors can atomise the diesel, the less soot's going to come out the other end.
  11. Woody_72

    Any issues to watch out for changing the battery?

    My diesel seems peppier since I replaced the battery a few days ago. Must be making better sparks from the sparkplugs 🤪.
  12. Woody_72

    Any issues to watch out for changing the battery?

    ECP are a total rip-off. I got the 096 Varta AGM from Tayna batteries for a third of that.
  13. Woody_72

    Rough Idle - Cylinder 2 Misfire only on Idle

    Yeah, I think that would be a good start, especially with no codes present. Odd fault though.
  14. Woody_72

    Brake upgrade on 2.0tdi

    Cool, I think the next two 'factory' sizes are 289 and 312mm so plenty of choice if you're looking around the breakers.
  15. Woody_72

    Headlight question

    My LED headlights do that, yes. Always have done, not an option I've messed with or changed.
  16. Woody_72

    Rough Idle - Cylinder 2 Misfire only on Idle

    Have you read it for codes? What are the fuel trim figures like? At idle, an engine should use about 1 gram per litre per 500 RPM so your figures look right (assuming a two litre?) but that's not to say you don't have a weird MAF issue.
  17. Woody_72

    what have you done to your car today ?

    Finally replaced the original caliper carrier bolts today after upgrading the front brakes a couple of weeks ago. Don't reckon it's necessary but VW say it is so hey ho 🤨. If anyone has 312mm discs and wants to replace theirs, DON'T buy the seat ones, all the car websites I looked at sold the...
  18. Woody_72

    Any issues to watch out for changing the battery?

    Update: The manufacturer code was the same so I just changed 68 to 70 (for the Ah value), input the last 10 digits of the new serial number as the serial number and left the technology as Fleece and the car accepted it perfectly 👍🏼.
  19. Woody_72

    Brake upgrade on 2.0tdi

    What spec engine is it? Do you know your current disc size?
  20. Woody_72

    Best tyres??

    Well, I went with the general consensus of this thread and am having a pair of Michelin Pilot Sport 4's fitted on Wednesday morning. Just hope they last a bit longer than the Goodyear Efficientgrip I have on there at the moment (~11,000 miles) :oops:.
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