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  1. Curtly

    CUPRA Formentor Price?

    Yeah, having looked at similar cars like the 3008 and Vauxhall grandland hybrid4's it seems that mid 40's will probably be the target figure. Ffs.
  2. Curtly

    CUPRA Formentor Price?

    Has anyone got any news on the expected price?
  3. Curtly

    Rear shocks need replacing (Help)

    Hey guys, I'm after the part number for my rear shock absorbers, or a link to where i can buy them (preferably oem bilstein)? Car is a 2014 1.4 150 standard suspension, fixed axel. Cheers
  4. Curtly

    Mk4 interior

    Well I'll be damned! It looks like I'm right, the new Leon and formentor will have the exact same interior! Kinda puts me off the formentor
  5. Curtly

    Leon FR TSI 150 - Servicing Options

    Prices have gone up massively this year, look at the difference in cambelt prices. Can't even get a discount with a waterpump and cambelt combo for the petrol ffs. 2019 ENGINE DIRECT SHIFT GEARBOX (DSG) OIL CHANGE £199 4WD TRANSMISSION HALDEX OIL CHANGE £79 CAMBELT KIT (PETROL) WITH FREE...
  6. Curtly

    Titanium Alloys in Black

    I've got a couple of these spare for sale, slightly kerb damaged you can have the pair for £150
  7. Curtly

    Mk3 Leon MPG - 2.0L / 1.4TSI

    To be honest once you take the difference in cost of petrol and diesel there's really not a lot in it. Petrol engine is more refined/better around town. Diesel 184 is faster and has a better suspension set up and brakes. The diesel units will be worse around town but will be better for...
  8. Curtly

    Mk4 interior

    Of late vwag are copying interiors left right and centre as it seems the entire group has no imagination when it comes to interior design. So I'm going out on a limb here bit I'm confident this is the new interior for the mk4 It's taken from the formentor
  9. Curtly

    Head unit change.

    Why so?
  10. Curtly

    Head unit change.

    Having done the same research all I need is someone to hack/break a 5qa035858unit for me. Where can I find these people??
  11. Curtly

    Installation - MIB2 Stereo Sat Nav DAB UNIT

    Snap, it's the only thing that sucks on my car.
  12. Curtly

    2016 FR. Will it have adaptive cruise?

    2017 with the facelift. Any pre facelift with a radar defo has adaptive cruise control. All the facelifted cars have a radar. So tbe extra stalk is the tell. Anyone know if lane assist uses the additional stalk?
  13. Curtly

    Top Gear article lists Leon as one of the loveliest cars you can buy

    I've said it once and I'll say it again. The Mk4 won't look anything like that red piece of **** mock up.
  14. Curtly

    Heater blowing cold on passenger side

    I'd try another dealer
  15. Curtly

    2016 FR. Will it have adaptive cruise?

    Yes adaptive cruise has 2 stalks
  16. Curtly

    2016 FR. Will it have adaptive cruise?

    Easy tell is it will have another stalk on the steering column under the indicator.
  17. Curtly

    Top Gear article lists Leon as one of the loveliest cars you can buy

    I can see why - I've had mine for 4 years and it's not had anything wrong with it. Good economy + power, £20 road tax and cheap insurance. Add to that a hi level of equipment and a few tasteful modifications and I'm still in love with it, won't be getting a new car anytime soon. My only gripe...
  18. Curtly

    Alloy wheel hunt

    I have 2 of these for sale now if anyone's interested? And 4 of The original titanium pack alloys
  19. Curtly


    How much are you paying for the blades? Will they come painted?
  20. Curtly

    Key battery prompt

    It's a common problem, the battery will be fine and won't need replacing yet. Looking at past posts this seems to get reported more in the winter months... could be something to do with that
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