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  1. Aero kit side skirts

    Hey Anyone knows where can I get the side skirts for 6L? The type that comes with the aero kit
  2. Ibiza Facelift 1.4MPI vs. Ibiza 1.9 SDI

    1.4 75 HP is a great engine Reliable and simple
  3. 6L Ibiza Start Up Issue

    Nah it's not a pain the pump was deleted a long time ago :) Do you know to locate the pump in the engine bay? If you do than the connector is right on the pump from it's back side. And yes it turns on the check engine light if disconnected, but not immediately most of the times. disconnect it...
  4. 6L Ibiza Start Up Issue

    Yes it is The pump can be "leaking" after a few years (that's what happened to me and my brother in both of our Ibizas. It results in a loud kind of whistle noise until the pump stops working on cold starts. Is that what happens to you? Try disconnecting the pump's connector and see if the noise...
  5. 6L Ibiza Start Up Issue

    Do you still have the secondary air pump?
  6. Apr gt28rs

    Hey Anybody knows what is the exhaust side A/R on the APR gt28rs?
  7. Help with pcv valve diagram

    Number 6 is the PCV valve Good luck with the rest, it's all in the diagram, feel free to ask
  8. TOYO PROXES TR1 - Tyre Pressures

    Doesn't matter, the tyre itself is garbage so any tyre pressure won't make it feel better, sorry to disappoint. A chienese make tyre would have the same grip and feel as these toyo ‍♂️ Anyway, 32 always worked for me
  9. Couple Issues water+overheating

    You have checked the fuses on the battrey? Should be fuse number 3 if you count from the left
  10. Couple Issues water+overheating

    It doesn't look like the relay.
  11. Couple Issues water+overheating

    No, it's the same in every engine. I circled the location where it should be, about there just down in the engine bay. let me make it easier for you, look from underneath the car, you'll need to remove the bottom engine cover.
  12. Couple Issues water+overheating

    Look deeper down, you'll see it, it's not literally under the battery. 2 connectors are connected to it if I remember right. Two 10mm bolts are securing it, might be a bit difficult to release them as they used locktite to lock the threads in the factory.
  13. Xenon headlight adjustment

    Hey, how do I adjust the headlights properly? I've seen the regular adjustment threads as any other headlight has, but there is the automatic headlight motor, do I need to adjust this aswell? How does it work in the Ibiza?
  14. Exhaust

    Your exhaust is Identical to any sports model of the Ibiza, including the FR and Cupra, so you have quite a few options
  15. Smoking on downshift and decceleration

    Just replaced the PCV a few hours ago, altough the old one didn't seem faulty (wasnt stuck or anything or had any dirt) Didn't drive the car yet, I'll update soon.
  16. Smoking on downshift and decceleration

    Hey, Ibiza cupra 1.8T BBU engine. Smoke coming out of the exhaust mostly after downshifting within lower range of RPM (1500 to 2000). Lets say I am cruising at 5th gear, letting the car slow down by itself, downshifting to 4th, stopping at red light, pressing the throttle slightly and white...
  17. Couple Issues water+overheating

    There are videos in youtube guiding you how to test the coolant temp switch, just type vw coolant temp switch test. If everything is fine, the relay is faulty
  18. Couple Issues water+overheating

    Usually the switch is not faulty, with my experience with these cars it's the fans relay that sits under the battery, happened to me aswell, replaced it and everything works perfectly
  19. cupra 1.8t

    To keep every aspect of the cylinder head, you'll have to keep with the similar heads which include VVT. so BJX will be exactly the same (Ibiza FR/Polo GTI), AGU aswell I think. I don't think that the AEB would be good for you as it's too old and mounted longitudinal, so little differences might...
  20. Dashboard fix

    Yeah these exact clips Unfortunately the plastic broke into really tiny pieces :( So my only option is gluing self fabricated plastic that I need to make? Ahhh shitty ibiza
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