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  1. dave Mayfield

    interior lighting

    Sorry if this has been posted before. My wife has an ibiza fr 18 plate. The courtesy lights in the doors can be changed to red, white or off. Can any other colours be added at all with coding etc.
  2. dave Mayfield

    fuse used for dashcam

    Hi folks. Wife has just bought an 18 plate FR Ibiza, I want to hardwire her dashcam in. Just wondered which fuse people have used to piggy back off that stays ignition live. Cheers
  3. dave Mayfield

    led lights

    Folks, apologies if this has been asked before. My wife has just bought a 2018 FR 115. It has standard lights on it, what are the best replacement led bulbs for drl and headlights please. Seen lots on Ebay but unsure what they will be like etc.
  4. dave Mayfield

    Led sills

    Folks, has anyone removed or know how to remove the led sill kick strip inside the front doors that light up with CUPRA. Want to change lighting colour if it's possible. Thanks
  5. dave Mayfield

    Bumper Cover

    Hi, got a leon cupra mk3.5 face-lift so 19 plate. Has anyone had a quote or got part numbers etc for the matt black bumper cover ( the bit the reg plate screws too ) want to get mine painted gloss black but wondered if it can be replaced as it's a lease car Thanks in advance
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