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  1. MifSal

    Cupra 290 creak/squeek front suspension.

    My 19 cupra does the same, just learn to live with it now!
  2. MifSal

    Carista App

    mine worked it stopped
  3. MifSal

    VCDS / VAG-COM Register - Who's got what and where?

    ive got carly and carista for vag in the west midlands area anyone need any diagnostics, fault resetting or coding (video in motion, needle sweep etc) drop me a message
  4. MifSal

    Rumbling noise from front left of car

    is the rumbling when you accelarate? I have a similar noise under heavy load in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear and im sure its something to do with the engine mounts
  5. MifSal

    What do we all do for jobs

    work for an airline doing technical records.. will soon start training to become a pilot
  6. MifSal

    Rear Diffuser or front splitter for sale?

    will this fit the new mk 3.5 my19 cupra?
  7. MifSal

    DSG and stationary traffic

    fair enough although you dont need to have kessy for electronic and auto hand brake i didnt go for kessy either
  8. MifSal

    DSG and stationary traffic

    do you not have auto hold next to the electronic hand brake button? you press the brake once and let go and accelerator when your ready to go.
  9. MifSal

    Carista App

    are you sure this makes a difference? i tried this before but didnt notice anything tbh
  10. MifSal

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    how did you fit the footrest part on? is it with screws or literally a cover? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. MifSal

    Can make my seat leon have the new tail light animation like the 7.5 golf I have a 2019 leon .

    dont know what the code is my friend has the obd11 and he tried it ive only tried carista
  12. MifSal

    Can make my seat leon have the new tail light animation like the 7.5 golf I have a 2019 leon .

    yeah the option is on there but when you enable it the small part of the indicator flashes but it doesnt do the pace if you know what i mean
  13. MifSal

    Can make my seat leon have the new tail light animation like the 7.5 golf I have a 2019 leon .

    doesnt work with carista or obd11 unfortunately on the 2019 leon cupra.
  14. MifSal

    Cupra 290 wheel spin / wheel hop

    yesterday it was wet and i was being a bit silly tried to pull off from the lights and spun up pretty badly and got the thumping wheel hop for a couple of seconds. after that now i have this sound coming from the front of the car its like a rattling sometimes sounds like scraping when...
  15. MifSal

    Cupra 290 Res Delete

    ive got my 2019 cupra res delete done from zaustworx just to mention that first video is from when it was just done and out the garage so wasnt popping when revving in stationary but now after its settled it pops and bangs like crazy and on the ovverun. there is also no drone on the motorway...
  16. MifSal

    How many miles do you get on a full tank?

    2019 cupra 290 350-380 on a full tank of vpower mixed driving motorways and around town
  17. MifSal

    New Cupra 290 breakdown

    you have a golf r for 3 weeks.. you get to experience that too i wouldnt be that disappoined if that happened to me tbh seeing as in some areas the golf r is better than the cupra but i do see where you are coming from. let us know how it compares to the cupra!
  18. MifSal

    Carista App

    still doesnt work tried it on carista yesterday. only the outer signal works with pace car indicators on so yeah Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. MifSal

    Res delete

    got my19 cupra res delete done from zaustworx. sounds good not as loud as pre-face lift however nice pops and bangs and overrun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. MifSal

    The 2019 Leon Copra 290 thread

    hello guys ive ordered a lower engine mount for my19 cupra from powerflex. Heard really good things about it and that it almost fully eliminates that disgusting wheel hop esp on the stock contis. Was wondering how much should i be expecting to pay a garage to fit this? surely it cant be more...
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