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  1. JR_130

    Exeo Coolant Temperature

    think it is 'normal' for the temps not to get to 90 on shorter runs (esp in winter) seems to be an issue with the A4 B8s too. some have seen improvement replacing the inline thermostat & return valve that runs between the engine and bulkhead. they are contained in pipe 23 in the following...
  2. JR_130

    Engine components

    I'd suggest you would be better off getting a 170bhp model to start off with! 170 comes with bigger Turbo, 2x side mounted intercoolers instead of 1, maybe injectors, def bigger Brakes (312mm fronts), prob most 170's are 'Sport' models that have lowered suspension as standard from the factory...
  3. JR_130

    2009 seat exeo 143bhp

    Hi, I'd guess for the boot, the previous owner has debadged it (like i've done) tidys up the boot IMO. as for the lights, have you got them switched to AUTO (the round switch between the steering column and the door)?
  4. JR_130

    Fog light / reverse light wiring loom

    had a similar experience with the numberplate lights. i ended up putting a new (bespoke) cable between the lights and the nearest connector plug (in the ST it is in the nearside Qtr panel) the numberplate lights share a loom with the reversing sensors, so i wasn't going to replace that to get...
  5. JR_130

    Air Con only on tickover

    not too sure, could be difficulty with the clutch on the aircon pump or the pump itself getting to the end of life and becoming too hard to turn?
  6. JR_130

    seat exeo st number plate lights

    i had the same issue, even replaced both holders for LED ones, no joy, then i was working on getting the reversing sensors working and found the first connector plug inside the nearside rear quarter panel. I was able to get the lights working directly from the connector so deduced the was a...
  7. JR_130

    Coolant temperature sensor

    good point, I didnt realise the cost of the sensor was so little. might it be any easier with the lower engine cover removed? - only an extra 10 mins if you have access to ramps?
  8. JR_130

    Coolant temperature sensor

    you can go up 1 level and select the diagram associated with your engine code (e.g., mine is CAHA) also, did you get the car scanned with VAGCOM to verify there is an issue with the sensor...
  9. JR_130

    Coolant temperature sensor

    I believe it is #37 in this diagram but also i'm led to believe there is an additional thermostat in pipe #23 I've not looked at changing...
  10. JR_130

    New discs and pads?

    i recently needed new front pads, and at 130k miles i decided to change the discs too I've got coated 312mm Brembo discs off Carparts4less (72/pair) at a good bit cheaper than eurocarparts (even though they are the same company) coated on the edges and around the hub to prevent rust. i also went...
  11. JR_130

    Thinking of buying a Exeo

    regarding the AC sensor, you can see it in this diagram (no 23) it may or may not be accessable via the removed grille, i'm hoping replacing it will also solve my sudden loss of AC.
  12. JR_130

    Instrument cluster failure

    any joy getting it sorted?
  13. JR_130

    Instrument cluster failure

    Christmas 2016 i had an issue of lumpy idle / intermittently wouldn't start. (2011 St 170) initial indications seemed to be the battery on the way out, and i couldn't rely on the car starting. but when it did start, intermittently the instrument cluster would go dead, but everything else worked...
  14. JR_130

    New owner with a few questions please

    welcome to the fold ;) not sure what the vibration is, but if there is excessive engine movement, sounds like it would be worth getting engine&gearbox mounts checked. re the oil leak, i think mine has a similar leak (i'd say weep more than a leak) but it's not something i'm worried about as it...
  15. JR_130

    DPF regen conditions?

    i think @nath. described it in one of the FAQ threads
  16. JR_130

    Sidelight not working, but bulb is OK

    assuming you have the prefacelift headlights, there are 2 sidelights in each headlight. only one on each side will put up a bulb warning light. i dont know if it is pot luck, but on mine it's not the same bulb on each headlight i.e. on the nearside headlight, the bulb closest to the centre of...
  17. JR_130

    Engine Temperature

    :think:even in slow traffic (40mph for roadworks) i noticed the temp would drop below 90 in really cold weather(zero or below) if only SEAT made a winter Grille for the exeo :think:
  18. JR_130

    Tyre Pressure Sensor

    glad you got it sorted. odd that the alert came up before driving away, perhaps it will always come on until the reset button is pressed ??
  19. JR_130

    Tyre Pressure Sensor

    I don't think the Exeo has tyre pressure sensors as such. as far as i'm aware it takes readings from the abs sensors so if the tyre looses pressure it begins to rotate faster -> ecu lights up the tyre pressure warning. as for setting it, you should inflate the tyres to the correct pressure...
  20. JR_130

    Genuine Seat FAN Facelift Rims

    I think they are called "Quartz" some adverts list the name on them in Autotrader, e.g. AutoTrader Ad also used cars ni if you click on the "Dimensions" tab of an advert, it usually lists the name of the original wheel supplied with the car e.g. UsedCarsNi Exeo bad news for you is...
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