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  1. Syerate

    Right and Left Vent Heat Differences

    I understand what you are saying but I don't see how this would be the conclusion in my car if there was hot air on the drivers side before and now there is not.
  2. Syerate

    Right and Left Vent Heat Differences

    I don't really think its the Matrix as the system produces hot air just fine, its just the hot air isn't being dispensed on the drivers side for some reason, maybe actuator flaps?
  3. Syerate

    Pilot Sport 4s on front only - cupra 290 2019 DSG

    Yeah you will most likely be fine, I have had different tyres on back to front before and haven't really noticed any major issues (including tread differences). I have a 4 set of ps4s at the moment, they are great but I have noticed they are not amazing in more wet conditions. Could just be me...
  4. Syerate

    Right and Left Vent Heat Differences

    Hello, I don't know if anyone has had or has a similar issue to this. But for some reason my right vents (driver) don't produce as much heat as the left vents (passenger). I have plugged a diagnostic tablet into the OBD connection and checked the actuator outputs and vent temperatures. The...
  5. Syerate

    Leon ST- both front shocks need replaced at 46,000 miles- normal?

    From what I can tell most of the VAG shocks in general, normally SACHS ones are interchangeable as same fitments but different strengths and stiffness, my mate has a GTD and and I wanted the same shocks on my FR as he had as mine were two soft. Called up a company that supply genuine VAG parts...
  6. Syerate

    Carista App

    In terms of the "Driving mode button always in red", is this refering to the button itself or the Ambient Lighting LED's (in the door card) being always red no matter which driving mode? As I am looking for that.
  7. Syerate

    Four Wheel Alignment - SEAT MK3 Leon FR 184

    Appreciate the post, just didn't want to spend upwards of 60+ if nothing could be done with the back end. Similar to your kwickfit situation I have also read online where a few people have mentioned similar situations in terms of the staff experience with the computer/machines lacking etc.
  8. Syerate

    Four Wheel Alignment - SEAT MK3 Leon FR 184

    Hello, This might be a simple question for some, I have had the tracking done on my front wheels in the past but didn't seem to change too much, my steering wheel is clearly out of line. I have recently replaced all my shockers and I was wondering if my car would benefit from a four wheel...
  9. Syerate

    Leon ST- both front shocks need replaced at 46,000 miles- normal?

    Yeah I mean, my friends GTD doesn't make any knocking noises so I'm not sure about that one. Possibly just an issue with your shocks in particular but who knows. Just don't really see why they put soft shocks on a car that has 180+bhp but put harder shocks on the GOLF, guess that's what you pay for.
  10. Syerate

    FR Black Edition. But which colour??

    Mine isn't out the factory as a black edition but I made it black edition myself. I think the dark red is nice but personally if I could respray it I would go white.
  11. Syerate

    Leon ST- both front shocks need replaced at 46,000 miles- normal?

    I had similar issues with my TDI FR 184, for some reason the suspension/car would bounce excessively, put my friends GTD shocks on my car and it made a huge difference, so I am not sure if my shocks were worn or were just soft. But when driving it harshly around corners etc it used to roll and...
  12. Syerate

    2015 Leon 184tdi VS Ibiza Cupra 1.8TSI

    I have the TDI FR DSG, I get around 50mpg constantly every day for a 45 min journey (sometimes easily 55+). Personally I probably would have gone for the 1.8 but due to mileage I cover, I would be spending a lot on fuel. I haven't had any issues with mine and I do love the low down grunt it has...
  13. Syerate

    Different tyre pressures on two 184 FR's

    I have 18's and I think mine shows 36 (which is what i have them set at now) all round for standard load, and 38 for heavy load but not sure if that's all tyres or slightly more. Mine is 3 door so not sure if that helps you out too much.
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