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  1. Watch what you carry in the back with the Virtual Pedal

    Have you ever read Christine?! Sleep well! ;)
  2. Piano Black Interior Trim

    Thanks, Tell... Are the piano black trim pieces easy to remove, do you know?
  3. Piano Black Interior Trim

    Hi, Does anyone know if the piano black interior trim pieces are just push fit? Are they easy to remove? Just wondering how easy it would be to vinyl wrap them is all. TIA fM
  4. Ateca OBDEleven Discussion Thread

    Thanks for all the useful info, Tell
  5. Build Codes

    Hi Tell, Yes, I've been trying to get to the bottom of the build codes and the gearbox and whether HJ is talking out of his butt! Thanks for the links above, I'd already decoded a couple of VINs...
  6. Sat Nav Storage?!

    Thanks for the reply. Is the rectangular cubby in the glovebox lid supposed to be for the satnav? Or is it just coincidental it is the right width and depth?! Is my car screwed together incorrectly?!
  7. Sat Nav Storage?!

    Hi, We just took delivery of my wife's new FR and I have a question about the sat nav unit and where you all store it? In the glove box lid is a space which looks to be perfect for the unit but the lid won't shut with it in there! There is a bulge on the 'ceiling' of the glove box that the...
  8. Grinding noise/judder when moving at full-lock

    Common problem with 18's... Nothing to worry about.
  9. Services in middlesbrough

    David Penman's dropped something on the bonnet of my wifes Ibiza, scratching it down to the metal. Trouble is she didn't notice it for a day and a half. They denied it, of course. Oh and they delivered my Leon with a dent in the door. Took them 4 weeks to sort it out. Other than that, I...
  10. GUIDE: How to fit GTI Pedals

    I seem to remember £72 from Vagparts (RIP) so I can't see the dealer being that much more.
  11. GUIDE: How to fit GTI Pedals

    Err, they cost around £80 from VW anyway!
  12. Exeo

    And the good nbews is there is loads of info on retrofitting kit like satnav, bluetooth, reversing camera, voice control, TV, etc, etc, etc... Agree, the front end is awful...
  13. Backlight on interior light switches

    Try a bamboo cane with a piece of Blutak on the end?!
  14. Backlight on interior light switches

    I mentioned that they are on Audi's simply because the parts may be interchangeable - if this was something you really wanted...
  15. Backlight on interior light switches

    The fronts are in Audi's....
  16. GUIDE: How to fit GTI Pedals

    A piece of the proverbial.... :)
  17. GUIDE: How to fit GTI Pedals

    Yes they are different. The DSG hs a bigger brake pedal and the accelerator has a kickdown button, although why it does I don't know... The DSG kicks down long before you reach the kick down button... Try flooring your pedal (with the engine off) and then push a bit harder you should feel a click.
  18. RNS-E will it fit?

    You will be able to recode an A4 to an A3. Before buying I would look on as there is one member who has fitted an RNS-E to a Leon Mk1... I would really look in to this before buying. On another note, just to encourage you to do your research I just enabled the Speech...
  19. RNS-E will it fit?

    HAving retrofitted an MFD2 to my Leon and now an RNS-E to my A4 I can say categorically that the 'plugs' are not different. It uses the same Quadlok connector. The pin outs may be different but that isn't a problem. What would be the biggest problem would be modifying the faceplate to fit...
  20. Bluetooth 08 Leon FR

    Hi, I had the opposite with my N95 - volume would occasionally set itself to max for no reason. Happened with my A4 as well... However when I changed phones to a SE K850i all of these problems disappeared. I am now of the firm opinion that Nokia phones are crap. Regards, fM
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