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  1. Dan FR

    PD 150 ARL not starting?

    Clear the codes, crank it over and see what comes back. Check using a diagnostics that you are getting an RPM reading whilst cranking as it simply wont fire up without the crank sensor giving a good reading. If you have replaced the sensor, check the wiring to the ECU for continuity
  2. Dan FR

    EA189 nox “fix” removal possible?

    Any mapping company worthy of that title can offer you a map based on the older software variant without the emissions fix. Me personally, I'd only ever go to a proper company, a VAG specialist, not one of these backstreet 'we map any car £120' places.
  3. Dan FR

    best modified car insurance providers?

    Insurance is a minefield, nobody can give you an answer as to who is cheapest for you or even what you should be paying. No doubt plenty will come on here telling you what they pay but it isn't comparable. For example, I pay around £300-350 a year to insure myself and the other half on my Leon...
  4. Dan FR

    pd150 operating temperature

    The cluster is programmed to display 90 across a vast range of temperatures from 75 degrees to well over 100. The actual temp as measured by the ECU should be 88-92ish, plus or minus a few degrees. Shouldn't stay as low as 75. Get a genuine stat
  5. Dan FR

    Cupra gearbox oil spec

    No, its not. Buy genuine oil from the dealer only, its incredibly thin and anything other than genuine oil will ruin cold gearshifts
  6. Dan FR

    Coding Mods - Warranty & Insurance

    I've seen coding changes void warranty of an electrical fault. Dealer will do anything to get out of a claim - including blame a totally unrelated change of coding. Change it back before taking the car in
  7. Dan FR

    Bevo Tuning

    Called Bevo tuning as the guys surname is Bevan - although the logo/styling is a blatant Revo rip off. They actually write their own files as far as I know, but they map everything - so specialise in nothing..... Stick with a tuner that specialises in VAG cars
  8. Dan FR

    DV+ for bwa engine???

    The T9351 DV+ fits the BWA K03 Leon.... Same fitment as on the Pre-FL FR and all of the Mk2 Cupra models
  9. Dan FR

    Modified insurance prices

    I keep finding my modified policy with Adrian Flux is cheaper than the quotes I get through comparison sites on a standard Leon with other wise same circumstances.... Perks of getting old I guess
  10. Dan FR

    My Cupra (K1) R Tech stage 2 (360bhp/327ftlb)

    Ah ignore me, it was more in response to the post below, didn't look at who's thread it was.... As you were :whistle:
  11. Dan FR

    My Cupra (K1) R Tech stage 2 (360bhp/327ftlb)

    Hope you're planning to do the clutch before going 2+
  12. Dan FR

    2.0tfsi hpfp stud conversion???

    10NM, but I always just go with judgement using a 1/4" drive
  13. Dan FR

    2.0tfsi hpfp stud conversion???

    Makes follower checking and changing much harder to do. Threads are fine if you dont overtighten and strip them, mine have been in and out a dozen plus times over the years - no issue
  14. Dan FR

    HELP! Leon FR TFSI no power

    It wont be the DV stuck open, that wouldn't make the car stall or cut out Does sound like an air leak though. PCV is an easy check, takes a few minutes, otherwise you'll need to be checking your pipework, particularly the bayonet/push fitting to the intercooler Actuator rod wouldn't cause your...
  15. Dan FR

    New Member from South Wales

    Welcome along mate
  16. Dan FR

    Cupra running at 70 degrees

    Oh dear..... With the greatest of respect, please take your car elsewhere, especially for mapping. I wouldn't have their 'map' on my car if they paid me to do so Have a read of their attitude - look at the lowest scoring reviews first...
  17. Dan FR

    Cupra running at 70 degrees

    I think they will soon regret their offer of £15 in that case, i thought they were going to be having the alternator off or something...... The ramair intake and cam follower you could do yourself, both are an easy DIY even with limited knowledge, tools & experience. As for the remap... Do...
  18. Dan FR

    Cupra running at 70 degrees

    What else are you having done out of curiosity? Unless it involves having the alternator off etc. then £15 is a steal, and a no-brainer. No doubt sundries like coolant will be added on top.... Might be worth asking them to flush the system and refill it with G13, not the cheap stuff they will...
  19. Dan FR

    Cupra running at 70 degrees

    All Mk2 Cupra models come with a TFSI engine regardless of badging. Yes the stat is integral to housing but its still a thermostat? Calling it a thermal regulating unit is just confusing matters The stat is a ballache to get to, if the garage want to do it for £15 then jump on it
  20. Dan FR

    Cupra running at 70 degrees

    Wrong on both counts. It does have a thermostat and it will cost a LOT more than £15 in labour to have fitted. Price the job up at an independent VW specialist who will at least know where to look rather than try to describe what you need to a sales assistant over the phone
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